Are New Build Homes Cheaper To Run?

Are New Build Homes Cheaper To Run?

New build homes boast many benefits, from being able to customise most rooms in your house when you purchase it, to the sense of building a whole new community and getting to know your neighbours. But one of the biggest selling points for many is that new builds are more energy efficient and waste less water compared to older properties. This means not only are they cheaper to run, but they are better for the environment too Let’s explore this in more detail below to find out how much you could save.

Are New Homes More Energy Efficient?

Yes, stats show that new build homes are more energy efficient because of modern building techniques, materials, and appliances. A report by the Home Builders Federation (HBF), said that “95% of new build properties are rated A-C for energy efficiency, and the majority of these are rated A or B. The benefits that new build homes bring are irrefutable.” Alongside the official data though, there are a number of factors that contribute to the overall efficiency of our properties.

Reducing big energy costs 

Our new build homes are built in line with latest guidelines that are updated regularly to ensure that they’re not only sustainable, but are also wallet-friendly for our purchasers too! By using ample insulation, modern central heating systems and installing double glazing, our homes are designed to keep the heat in, which means you’ll need to spend less on warming it up. We’ve found this makes for a happy customer... As well as a happier earth!

Keeping an eye on electricals

We also go one step further at Miller Homes, aiming to install only ‘A rated’ or higher appliances in all of our properties. Your electricity usage is definitely something to keep an eye on if you’re aiming to keep costs down. So, by ensuring appliances fitted as standard (alongside our optional extras) are very energy efficient, we can make sure that our new build homes are cheaper to run.

Keeping water usage down

Whether it’s from long baths in the winter or watering down the garden in the summer, your water consumption can all add up! When building our new homes at Miller and making sure they’re kind to the planet as well as being cheaper to run, we consider clever design that can help minimise your everyday water usage – including things you may not even think about! For example, all of our toilets are dual flush which save around 67 percent of water used compared to regular toilets, and we also install aerated showers which blend water with air to create larger droplets and in turn, use around 50% less water than traditional units.

How To Save Money On Your Bills At Home

Of course, being savvy when it comes to your home too always helps in keeping costs down. Although our new homes are very cost efficient and environmentally friendly, you can always do a little more too, such as:

  • Choosing a watering can over a sprinkler or hose in the summer
  • Getting a smart meter from your energy supplier
  • Turning off standby appliances
  • Washing your clothes at lower temperatures with clever detergent
  • Opting for showers over baths
  • Keeping doors and windows closed when heating your home

For more ideas, check out these tips by Money Supermarket.

How Much Can Be Saved Buying A New Build Home?

According to the HBF, and backed up by research across the housing industry, it is wholly agreed on that new build homes are cheaper to run thanks to a number of factors. But what do the numbers say? The Cleaner, Greener, Cheaper by the HBF report estimates that on average, owners of new homes save £435 on household bills per property each year. This is the equivalent to saving around £46 a month which could cover a small family’s food shop, some fuel for the car or even be spent on something more fun like a day out to the cinema or zoo!

To read more about the perks of buying new, and to find plenty of home inspiration, head to our blog and read other articles by the Miller Homes team.