Ideas For Getting Acquainted With Neighbours In A New Build Street

Ideas For Getting Acquainted With Neighbours In A New Build Street

Picture this...

It’s summer, and it’s still warm and light out, all the way into the evening. You’re hosting a BBQ in your new garden with all of your neighbours, feeling happy and content in your new home.

Making that a reality just comes down to one crucial thing - getting acquainted with those who live in the homes around you and on your street!

There are endless reasons why it’s great to get along with your neighbours. From having friends close by to enjoy a cuppa with, to knowing there’ll always be someone there to take a parcel in – perhaps even dropping the kids off to school in an emergency for you.

If you’re the type of person who likes to get to know new people and make friends, then moving house can be exciting! When buying a new build home especially, you’re in a very good situation, as everyone on your street will be in the same boat, and will probably want to introduce themselves to you too!

Below are our tips on getting acquainted with neighbours in a new build street. We’re sure you’ll all be great friends in no time!

6 Tips For Getting To Know Your Neighbours


Introduce yourself indirectly

Knocking on the door of your neighbours to say hello can be daunting at first, especially if you’re the more introverted type. To tackle this, we’d suggest getting your hands on some ‘new home’ cards to send around to nearby houses, and introduce yourself that way. Perhaps you could pop your number on there too, so your new neighbours know they can call on you if they need to? This’ll give you a good gateway into organising to meet up.

Host a get-together

Typically, on new build developments, most people will move into a street around the same time, and it’s likely that you won’t be the only one wanting to familiarise yourself with your new neighbours! Why not be the first to break the ice and host a little get together at home? If the weather’s nice, you could even fire up the BBQ and invite your neighbours around to mingle.

Arrange a playdate

If you have children, getting to know the parents around you (especially if your kids are of a similar age) is always going to go down well! If you have children of a similar age, why not invite your neighbours round for a playdate, or offer to begin splitting the school runs? We’re sure your kids will appreciate getting to make their own new friends too.

Set up a neighbourhood watch

It’s a nice feeling to know your community looks out for you, so why not be the one to set up a neighbourhood watch scheme and invite those nearby to you to join in? The scheme has been around since 1982 and plenty of small communities are signed up. You can help in crime prevention and create a safer environment with your neighbours.

Make a local Facebook group

One of the best ways to get acquainted with your neighbours on a new build street, especially if you aren’t comfortable with jumping in at the deep end and knocking on doors, is to create a Facebook group. When we’ve chatted to Miller Homes residents in the past, they’ve enjoyed getting to know each other in this way – and social media groups also give those in them a safe space to share information and ask for advice if they need it.

Organise a street party

This year in particular is a very special one, because it’s the year of the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee! A 4-day bank holiday weekend gives you the perfect excuse to set up a street party, and to get to know your neighbours in this way. Why not see if anyone local to you would like to join forces and organise a party like the good old days? Planning in itself is a great way to form a bond, with the party giving you even more opportunity to introduce yourself to your community! If this sounds up your street, be sure to consult official resources to make sure you’re planning your party in a safe way.

At Miller Homes, we love hearing about those who’ve purchased our homes getting to know each other, and making friends for life. Our developments often become communities and we’re always very proud to see that. If you’d like to read more home and lifestyle content from us, do check out our other blog posts.