Six must have books for your children's bookshelf

Six must have books for your children's bookshelf

Children’s books are a world of imagination. They help us explore, dream and discover new realms – all from the comfort of our own home. Sharing stories together is a great way to help children address big topics, like moving home, making new friends or loneliness, and gives a great excuse to put down devices and spend some time together.

From classic stories to new favourites, we’ve put together some of our top children’s books choices - celebrating home and friendship- that the whole family can enjoy.


The Heart and the Bottle – Oliver Jeffers

The Heart and the Bottle is a beautiful story accompanied by stunning illustrations.

It details the narrative of a young girl who once marvelled at the world with curiosity, until one day, a tragic event causes her to want to lock up her heart and keep it in a safe place. The girl’s heart may be safe, but her the world begins to appear a little duller than it was before.

Oliver Jeffers deals with heavy topics such as loss, bereavement and love, however, is written with a gentleness that shows us that living in a world of worry and fear, stops us experiencing the world in all its colourful glory.

A touching story that both children and grownups will treasure.


Leonardo the Terrible Monster – Mo Willems

Mo Willems brings his latest character to life in this fantastically “frightening” picture book.

Leonardo the Terrible Monster is the story of Leonardo, a young monster who unfortunately struggles with his main purpose…scaring people!

The story reaches a turning point when Leonardo finds himself unable to scare the biggest scardy cat in town, making him realise being a friend to someone is more important than being a monster, and that true friends will stick by you no matter what.

A roaringly funny, laugh out loud book which is sure to induce some bed time giggles!


The Little Princess: I Want to Go Home – Tony Ross

Tony’s Ross’s bestselling feisty little female is back! Much to her dismay, The Little Princess has been moved to a new castle and although there’s much more space to play, she just can’t help but miss her old home. She soon comes to realise the true meaning of home is less about the foundations, and more about those who live within it.

This funny, light-hearted book is sure to be a favourite with parents who have gone through the ups and downs of moving house with a toddler, and great for children who may have a big move coming up.


The Tiger Who Came to Tea – Judith Kerr

The Tiger Who Came to Tea is a cult classic by Judith Kerr, first published in 1968.

Loved by families for over 50 years, the book tells the charming story of Sophie, her mum and an unexpected tea time guest…a huge furry tiger! But what happens when the tiger devours all the food and drinks all the drinks – even the water from the taps!

A warm and wholesome story which has never been out of print, all about the joys of home, complete with timeless illustrations.


The Colour of HomeMary Hoffman, illustrated by Karen Littlewood

Best selling author Mary Hoffman is renowned for writing about complex and often delicate social issues in a way that children can understand.

The Colour of Home tells the story of Hassan, a young boy who, along with his family, has had to flee his war torn home of Somalia. After being granted asylum in the UK, Hassan struggles to settle in a country that is so vastly different from where he grew up. However, with the help of his teacher and an art project, Hassan leans to express his homesickness, share his story and appreciate the colours of his new home.

A fantastic picture book that tackles immigration, a sense of belonging, creativity and resilience.


The Gruffalo – Julia Donaldson, illustrated by Axel Scheffler

No children’s bookshelf is complete without this rhyming classic from Julia Donaldson and Axel Scheffler.

This brilliantly witty story tells the tale of a clever mouse who journeys through the deep, dark wood, only to be met with a whole host of greedy predators who seem to think he’ll make a rather tasty meal!

This award-winning charming story of a mouse and a monster has found its way into the homes of an entire generation and will undoubtedly continue to enchant and excite children for years to come.

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