How to make an autumnal wreath, featuring MUD Urban Flowers

How to make an autumnal wreath, featuring MUD Urban Flowers


Autumn has well and truly arrived and we’re looking forward to decorating our homes for the change of season, and what better way to do so than with a gorgeous seasonal wreath?

Wreaths aren’t just for Christmas, and autumnal wreaths made with dried flowers and foliage are a great way to spice up your decor for the new season.

We partnered up with MUD Urban Flowers at our Edgelaw showhome to show how you can create a gorgeous seasonal wreath in just four simple steps, perfect for dressing your doorway this autumn.

Watch our video to find out how you can create this beautiful accessory in no time and let us know if you try it yourself at home. 

What you’ll need

  • Copper wire wreath ring or similar
  • Reel wire or string.
  • Wires
  • Assorted dried flowers and foliage
  • Ribbon
  • Scissors or secateurs


Step 1 – creating your base

The first step in creating your beautiful autumn wreath is to make a base layer using reel wire and a wreath ring. To do this, securely attach one end of your reel wire to your wreath ring by looping it round several times. If you don’t have reel wire, you can use string here and it’ll create the same effect.


Step 2 – making your posies

The next step is where you can get creative. Using the dried flowers and foliage, you’re going to create a variety of posies to attach to your wreath ring. MUD advises creating nine posies based on a 12-inch wreath ring, but this will vary depending on the size of wreath you’re creating. Use a few different kinds of dried flowers and foliage for a more natural look, and make sure all posies are roughly the same size. Top tip: to create a more interesting wreath, use different sizes of plants in your posies. Dried broom creates a nice full base and flowers such as white Ruscus and preserved eucalyptus will add texture. Once you’ve made all your posies and secured them with string, it’s time to add them to build wreath.


Step 3 – building the wreath

This is where you’ll start to see your wreath take shape. Taking one of your posies, lay it on top of your wreath ring and secure it by looping the reel wire we attached in step 1 around the stem ends. This will secure it to the base. Once you’ve done the first one, continue adding posies to the wreath ring, making sure to cover the stem ends of the previous posy. Keep doing this, working in the same direction, until the entire wreath ring is covered.


Step 4 – finish with a ribbon

To finish off your wreath, MUD recommends adding a ribbon in your favourite autumnal shade. You can either tie the ribbon in a bow and pin it onto your wreath or loop it around the bottom. To loop it around the bottom, simply twist a single wire around the ribbon and push it through the wreath, securing at the back by wrapping around the wreath ring. 

Let us know if you make your own autumn wreath by tagging us on social media @MIllerHomesUK and @MudUrbanFlowers. Buy your own MUD wreath making kit here.