These are the most popular interior trends on Pinterest this Autumn

These are the most popular interior trends on Pinterest this Autumn

The smell of pumpkin spice is filling the air, wreaths are upgrading our curb appeal, and there’s an extra layer of warmth in our homes.

As the seasons change, nothing makes autumn more noticeable than the swarm of people looking to transition their new homes and apartments.

What are the top interior trends that we’re pinning on our Pinterest boards this year? Looking at Pinterest Trends, we calculated the increase in searches for various decor themes in the UK to discover what people are getting inspiration from this Autumn:

1 - Japandi

7,900% increase in searches for “Japandi bedroom”

A mix of Japanese and Scandinavian, Japandi is the new trend taking homeowners by storm. Combining the tranquility of classic Japanese interiors with the simplicity of the Scandinavian aesthetic, Japandi is a mashup of two minimalist aesthetics.

Japandi brings together two positive philosophies. Wabi-Sabi, the art of accepting the imperfect, and Hygge, a Danish concept to embrace joy. Think tranquility, warmth, and a respect for craftsmanship.

It involves focusing on neutral colours throughout the home, rustic minimalism, and comfort. Instead of the centre of attention being on bold colours, simple tones and clean lines are used to create bright, open spaces.

2 - Black kitchens

6,300% increase in searches for “black kitchen inspiration”

Turns out, when it comes to kitchens, black is the new black. Darker cabinets, floors and kitchen islands are timeless, and black kitchens can also offer a feeling of luxury. Black kitchens can feel sleek, sophisticated or moody, whether you’re in a room filled with light, or in a smaller kitchen.

Contrary to popular belief, black is also a pretty diverse colour. You can choose between matte or a shiny finish, marble table tops or stainless steel. There are even different shades - midnight, onyx, graphite, or jet black.

By contrasting your black kitchen with statement items which add a pop of colour, you can add warmth to your classic look, and avoid any gloomy aesthetic - unless that’s what you’re going for. Or, you can just add a pop of black, such as a backsplash, to a more colourful kitchen - it doesn’t have to be all or nothing.

3 - Sunset lamps

4,400% increase in searches for “sunset lamp”

As the nights get darker earlier and more abruptly, sunset lamps are taking the UK by storm. By recreating that golden hour glow that seems to disappear in the colder months, sunset lamps not only add an extra layer of ambience to your home, but you can also take some really creative photos with the soft glow.

And for those who struggle to wake up on a dark morning, some of the sunset lamps can also imitate the soothing rise of the sun in summer months, no matter what time of the year it is.

4 - Pink bedrooms

1,317% increase in searches for “pink bedroom ideas for adults”           

More and more adults are developing a penchant for a rosy hue in their bedroom - according to their Pinterest boards. Whether it’s your walls, bedding, curtains or rug, we’re all looking for ways to infuse pinks into our rooms.

Pink might not be the first shade you associate with autumn, but blush pinks perfectly complement the browns, oranges and whites which we associate with this season. Pinterest users are loving Moroccan-style pink rooms, with multitudes of different pink shades, including pops of coral and peach which are a far cry from our childhood bedrooms. And don’t disregard bubblegum pink, either - the shade emblematic of Elle Woods in Legally Blonde is perfect to add personality to your bedroom.

5 - Bendy candles

1,150% increase in searches for “bendy candles”

In the last few years, it was torso-shaped candles which were all the rage - now it’s double-turned, twisty candles. Sparked from a TikTok craze, bendy candles are a hot trend because they’re quite easy to make and recreate at home.

TikTok videos with the hashtag #bendycandle have been watched more than ten million times, and the trend isn’t showing any sign of slowing down.

The spiralised candles can be made with tapered candles, which you soak in hot water before manipulating into your own desired shape.

6 - Royalcore

1,000% increase in searches for “Royalcore aesthetic”

Originating from the aesthetic surrounding West European royalty, the trend for Royalcore was propelled at the beginning of 2021 with the launch of Bridgerton on Netflix. The trend is still popular in autumn, with people looking at inspiration for four-poster beds, floral wallpaper, gold accents and deep, rich jewel tones, to make their rooms feel opulent.

Royalcore is famed for its romantic aesthetic, and people can get their own touch of it in their homes by looking in their local charity or vintage shop for Venetian hand mirrors, Persian rugs, upholstered headboards, and embroidered cushion covers, to make your room resemble The Palace of Versailles - on a budget.

7 - Pampas grass

431% increase in searches for “pampas grass aesthetic”

Pampas grass is popular in those opting for a Japandi aesthetic, and is another decor trend blowing up on Pinterest. The wheat-like grass boasts a neutral colour with extra texture than the average houseplant, though you can purchase multicoloured pampas grass from many suppliers on Etsy.

Pampas grass is also incredibly versatile for a relatively small amount of money - you can put it in a vase, use it in an autumn wreath, or even have it as a centrepiece on your dining table.

8 - Green kitchens

420% increase in searches for “green kitchen aesthetic”

Whether it’s olive, sage, apple or emerald-toned, green kitchens are having a moment. A few green accents can transform a kitchen into a cool, serene area of your home which creates a sense of harmony and calmness.

Green also complements many other colours which people often associate with kitchens, such as whites, beige and greys. By opting for softer tones of greens, some psychologists even believe it can help diffuse anxiety and stress.

9 - Mushroomcore

224% increase in searches for “mushroom aesthetic”

Perhaps the most surprising in the top 10, mushroom-themed interiors are taking hold on Pinterest. Sparked by the Cottagecore culture (more on that below), mushrooms are all over our clothes, our food, and now, even part of our interiors. Actor Timothy Chalamet sparked conversation in October when he wore a mushroom-themed suit on the Dune Red Carpet.

Emblematic of the psychedelic 1970s and the fantasy of Alice in Wonderland, appetite for mushroom-themed furniture and decor has never been higher. Whether it’s a mushroom-shaped lamp, a wall-hanging or even an actual toadstool for your guests, mushrooms are sprouting up all over our homes.

10 - Cottagecore

112% increase in searches for “cottagecore house”

Cottagecore rose to prominence in 2020, but this year has proved the theme is more than a fad - it’s got serious staying power. Cottagecore is an aesthetic which celebrates idealised rural life in a style in which you might imagine storybook characters to live their lives - think Hansel and Gretal and Anne of Green Gables.

The cottagecore aesthetic is all about bringing the outside in - reflecting the calm many of us feel when we’re in a nature-filled environment. Interiors include linen napkins and tablecloths, wild flowers, open fires, reclaimed furniture and the item which is most quintessential of autumn cottagecore - the pumpkin.

In the colder months, place your plants in a light-filled room indoors, consider starting crochet, or even replacing the TV for a night by picking up a good book - and you’ll be well on your way to embracing the full cottagecore lifestyle.



We used the Pinterest Trends tool to look at the difference in relative search volume for interior styles across Pinterest.

Comparing 26 October 2020 to 20 October 2021, we then worked out the percentage difference between the relative search volumes, to determine the trends which are growing the most on Pinterest this autumn.