Homemade Bonfire Night decorations

Homemade Bonfire Night decorations

Flashes of colour against a dark sky, toasty toes warming by the fire, sparklers in hand and hot chocolates topped with whipped cream and all the trimmings – Bonfire Night is here again.

But just like the fleeting display of fireworks, the night is always over too soon. Make this year’s celebration a night to remember, with some unique home-made decorations that will last beyond the 5th November.

From finger paintings to loo roll crafts, you can bring all the fun of Bonfire Night to life with some paper and a touch of creativity. Here are a few ways you can get crafty this year.

Canvas fireworks

Create a fire work-of-art this Bonfire Night, using only a sheet of matte black A4 card, the cardboard from a toilet roll and some vibrant paint.

Prepare your work surface, and make sure you’re donning your painting apron for this one, as it could get messy. 

Next, pour your paints – think bright yellows, warm oranges and reds – into three reusable pots. There’s no need for paint brushes here, instead you can use the cardboard from an empty loo roll tube. Simply cut one end of the carboard (one card for each paint) with scissors, cutting lengthways to create ribbons.

Dip the ribbons into the individual paint pots and, one at a time, press the card onto the black surface. Overlapping each print of paint will create a kaleidoscope of colour.

Repeat the process across the black card and you’ve created your own permanent firework display.

Create a roaring fire

Bonfire Night isn’t complete without a crackling fire to gather around – and this fire can be enjoyed by everyone.

Using some of the leftover black card and firework paints, get your little ones to dip their fingers into the paint pots. Using their fingers as brushes and the remaining reds, oranges and yellows, they’ll recreate the mesmerising flames.

To reimagine the kindling wood, collect some sticks on your family walk and simply glue them to the bottom of the painted flames. Not only will it give your fire a three-dimensional effect, it’ll also give the painting some texture too.

If you’d prefer to ditch the paints and use more natural textures, swap the paint out for a collection of rich red leaves that you can find outside your front door. The shape of the leaves will imitate the roaring flames of a Bonfire.

Indoor rockets

Rockets are often the highlight and centrepiece of any firework display, producing the largest and most dramatic bursts of light.

While fireworks can be dangerous, these homemade cardboard rockets can be used indoors and are filled to burst with sweets.

If you have any loo roll tubes left over, put these aside as these will make up the body of your rocket. Cover the outside of the loo roll tube in coloured tissue paper of your choice and add some extra magic by sticking on some stars and sequins.

With any excess card you have lying around the house, cut it into a circular shape and bend the card inwards to create a cone shape, gluing down firmly so it doesn’t unfold. To add the tip of your rocket, place glue around the edges at one end and hold it in place for a few minutes until it sets.

Take some more tissue paper, tearing some into ribbon shapes and scrunching what’s left, then tuck this into the tube of the rocket (leaving the ribbon ends on show), along with some sweeties and cracker snaps that can be picked up from any craft store or online seller. This will ensure the stick to your rocket will stay put until you pull it out and prepare for the crack, pop of colour from your handmade streamers and sweeties.

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