Changing Your Spare Room Into A Multi-Functional Space

Changing Your Spare Room Into A Multi-Functional Space

In the last 18 months, as many people have upgraded from smaller, metropolitan areas to larger homes on the outskirts of cities - or in semi-rural and rural areas – extra space has become commonplace in most homes.

So what do you do with all this excess space? Well, it could become a spare bedroom – but that’s kind of an obvious route.

Why not get a bit more creative? Below, we’ve listed ways in which you can utilise your spare room into a multi-functional space!

Must-Haves For A Multi-Functional Space

In order to achieve a multi-functional space in your home, we suggest following these top tips:

  • Keep the colours in your room neutral so they easily fit with any aesthetic
  • Make use of fold-away furniture to maximise space
  • Think clever storage so you can change room functions easily

How to Change Your Spare Room Into A Multi-Functional Space

  1. A Fitness Room

    Are you a gym bunny? Or maybe you’re crazy for yoga? Either way, with an abundance of floor space, you can certainly make use of your spare room to suit your exercise needs.

    By keeping your floor free of unnecessary clutter by using filing cabinets, boxes, and other storage containers, you should have plenty of room to stretch out after a long day at work.

    Fitness mats, home dumbbell holders, and other supplies can be easily purchased online to make your own little haven. Now (for better or for worse) there’s no excuse not to head to the gym!


  2. An Art Studio

    If you’re a creative at heart but struggle to find the time and place to pull out a canvas, then a home art studio is a great place to start. Easels can be simply and effectively folded up and stored, and there are many chic and neutral storage boxes available that will blend right into your interior.

    Ensure you decorate in a way that blends the necessary creativity of an art room, with the ‘blank canvas’ feel of a spare room. We’d suggest keeping the bright colours, art prints, and any other ‘noisy’ décor to a minimum.


  3. A Snug

    If you’re not familiar with ‘the snug’, it’s about time you put it on your home priority list! Described as a “small and private room that’s designed to offer peace and relaxation” by White Interiors, think ‘hygge’ – the snug is a trend that emerged a few years ago.

    A fluffy rug, chairs or a sofa complete with cosy blankets, and a stack of magazines or newspapers to give the room the feel of a yurt will help you relax and de-stress after a day of responsibilities. If you’re feeling extra fancy, a log burner or fake fireplace will add to the overall cosiness of the place – you can really run wild with your imagination.


  4. A Games Room

A games room might be a childhood dream of yours – so why not opt for one instead of a spare room? (If you have children, they’ll thank you for it, too!). Table footballs, dart boards, and even arcade games such as Pac Man and space invaders are all ways to make your space feel fun and inviting. As long as you have the room, then there’s no reason why you can’t bring a little joy to your inner space.

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