A Step by Step to Going ‘Greige’ in your Home

A Step by Step to Going ‘Greige’ in your Home

In case you aren’t familiar, ‘greige’ is the lovechild of two classic colours: grey and beige. The resulting colour is the perfect blend of neutral and chic, making it a very popular choice. 

For those on the fence, this colour is anything but bland. This warm grey tone is worthy of your attention; it’s a classic for a reason. Deemed the perfect comfortable backdrop, especially for a paint colour, you can’t go wrong with a shade like this.

Year after year it proves a hit, so what’s stopping you?

We’ve put together some of our favourite ways you can embrace the greige in your own home…

On the Walls

There really is no right or wrong way to use greige in an interior. It complements a range of architectural styles, hues, and spaces. From a nursery to a living room, there’s something special about a room that puts this timeless neutral to the test. When used strategically, greige paint can have a transformative effect on a space. Providing a soft backdrop for any room, this colour can be reinvented time and time again with the addition of new artwork and accessories.

The different shades of greige all have varying undertones, making each unique in some way. Finding the perfect tone for your home can be hard so it’s always worth a trip to your local DIY store to consult their paint specialist.

Add Some Texture

The more texture you add, the more depth you create, and the more interest you will pique. Your aim should be to balance shiny and matte textures. Walls with a matte finish, for example, should be offset by additions like satin fabric, mirrored accessories and patterned throw pillows.

For those walls with a sheen finish, you might think of incorporating a velvet or a matte fabric for contrast. Brushed metal is also a good option. This simple contrast helps to create visual interest in the room and elevate the look of the space.

Harmonising Hues

One of our favourite tactics is to pair a lighter-toned greige with a pop of colour. This pop can come in many forms, big or small; it could be anything from a decorative throw cushion to a feature wall.

Greige makes for the perfect soft backdrop that allows the eye to be drawn to what’s in front of it. This way you can add a splash of colour, through furniture, an accent chair, framed artwork, or even curtains in a statement shade that will stand out against that soft, neutral background.

Layer with Other Neutrals

If you incorporate greige into a design scheme with other neutrals, you’ll notice its true beauty. If you put different beiges and greiges together, you can really start to see the undertones and personality in the colour itself. Plus, the simple act of layering greige with other neutrals adds depth to a room in a subtle way.

Bedroom Inspiration

Greige’s versatility is perfect for bedrooms. Whether you’re looking for a cool tone for added chic or a warmer palette to bring out the soft furnishings, this staple shade has it all. Introduce washed linen bedding, throw cushions, a full-length mirror and a feature armchair to really bring the room together.

Will you be joining the greige movement, or have you already incorporated it into your home? Share your interior snaps with us on Instagram @millerhomesuk.