Scents to brighten your home and your mood

Scents to brighten your home and your mood

With spring fast approaching, we are sure that, like us, you are all looking forward to the fresh, crisp air and brand-new flowers that heralds the start of the season.

With scents proven to boost mood, evoke memories and even help to sell homes, the power of scent in our home is not to be underestimated. Much research has been done into how we engage with various scents – you only have to think how the aroma of fresh coffee and warm bread make you feel hungry whilst citrus tones and pine scents give a sense of cleanliness.

So, whether you’re putting your home up for sale, looking forward to welcoming guests again soon or simply wanting to put a spring back into your surroundings here are a few ideas to get you on the olfactory path.

Fresh air fling

Now that spring has arrived, there is no better time for a fresh air fling! Now, it’s a chance to embrace the nature that we have missed out on, by flinging the windows open, venturing into the wider, and now warmer, world (even by doing something as simple as hanging your washing on the line to dry) and allowing the scent of outdoors into our homes. Make it a new habit to open bedroom windows each morning even if it’s just for ten minutes or so and if you can, open the back door, French doors or kitchen windows to give living areas a boost of fresh spring air. Proven to help with both physical and mental health, improve mood, lower blood pressure and improve general wellbeing, the benefits of fresh air should not be underestimated.

Flora and Fauna

Flowers are also a perfect spring scent holder, a decorative yet simple way to introduce those staple scents by scattering your home and garden with beautiful, peaceful flowers. A vase of freshly cut flowers is the ultimate spring accessory with hyacinth and lilies giving fab fragrances before making way for the summer fragrances such as peonies, sweet peas, lavender and freesia.   Easily acquired from your local supermarket, florist or garden centre, flowers not only fill your home with their rich yet light scents, but provide a vibrant pop of natural colour, heralding the arrival of the new season. Or, if you fancy them being delivered to your door all arranged, then why not treat yourself to a delivered bouquet; a wonderfully indulgent springtime treat for you and your home. 

Lemon lessons

The humble citrus fruit has been cited as the most popular home scent for cleanliness and mood boosting properties  whether it’s in its natural form or in manufactured cleaning products. But, if you are wanting to spread some citrus zing around your home during your spring cleaning routine, then the humble lemon can help with everything from removing stains to freshening dishwashers all whilst making your home smell super fresh and clean.

Stylish scents

With a plethora of candles, diffusers and room sprays available there are many fragrances to suits all tastes available and that look good in our homes too.

 An array of scented candles is one of our favourite ways to both accessorise your home and introduce spring to your sense of smell. A few of the best spring candles include The White Company’s ‘Spring’ candle; aptly named for its purpose, a sleek minimalist addition that introduces those staple notes of honeysuckle and rose, along with the familiar nostalgia of freshly cut grass. This really is the perfect spring scent, and if you take a shine to its aromas, a room diffuser and home spray are also available to maximise the beautiful odours.

Neom are also a brand that present a wide of array of calm and relaxing seasonal scents that we love. Their scents ‘Complete Bliss’ and ‘Happy’ perfectly capture what we think this spring should be all about: relaxation and rest. These two scents are perfect to fill your home with this year, and also come with matching room diffusers so you can boost that feeling throughout your entire home.

In addition to the more well-known brands, also take a look at smaller independents, there are so many that are making delightfully individual products. Just a few we know are The Harrogate Candle Company, The Prestbury Candle Company and The Kent Candle Company but take a look around your local area, we are sure there will be a local business that you can support. 

Whichever candle, flower, diffuser, cleaning product or open door you choose, make sure to bring some spring scent into your home this year, as well as venturing outside as much as you possibly can. Fresh air brings so many health benefits and, as we emerge from a rather dreary lockdown, we feel that this spring will bring a real sense of a new beginning - just what we all need this year.