Get garden ready with Flymo's top spring tips

Get garden ready with Flymo's top spring tips

As the weather begins to brighten up and temperatures are on the rise, many of us will be looking to get our gardens ready in preparation for some family fun this spring and beyond. 


With Flymo’s First Cut Sunday (Sunday 28 March) fast approaching, which is when it’s advised we cut our lawns for the first time in the year, we asked them to share their top tips for getting your garden ready ahead of this year’s gardening season.


Get the right kit

Whatever the size or shape of your garden, the job becomes a lot easier if you have the right tools. Families with smaller gardens should opt for a hover or cordless mower for quick and easy cutting. Those with medium and larger lawns should try an electric wheeled rotary lawnmower.


Sharpen the look

Get your lawn looking sharp for guests by trimming the edges which have most likely overgrown during the winter months. If your grass trimmer has a rotatable head, this feature will help get those crisp and neat edges.


Wait to water

Try to avoid watering your grass immediately after mowing, instead only water your grass when it needs it - not just because you've mowed it. Although there are no concrete rules around when it is best to water your lawn, we would recommend doing so in the morning, when the air is cool, and the water can get to the roots before drying.   


Prepare for guests

If you're planning on hosting some late-night garden gatherings with friends or family once restrictions allow, why not add a fire pit to create a cosy atmosphere for you all to enjoy. Add some eco-friendly fairy lights or solar lamps to finish off the look ready for when the sun goes down.


Get planting

Get the kids hands messy and get planting herbs! A job for the whole family to be involved in and perfect to add to your meals. You could always use the herbs to garnish your drink too for that little something extra. 


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