Stacey Solomon Worthy Organisation Tips For Your Home

Stacey Solomon Worthy Organisation Tips For Your Home

Stacey Solomon is well known not only for being an impressionable and relatable TV personality, but also for her superb organisation and home design tips. She often shares her weird and wonderful hacks with her 4.5 million followers – divulging all sorts of ways to get savvy with storage, as well as keep a clean home. A close friend of Mrs Hinch, the two share a great deal of influence on Instagram in the cleaning, organisation, DIY, and home décor space. She even recently released a bestselling book all about keeping a clean and tidy space. Today, we wanted to share some of our Stacey Solomon inspired organisation tips.

7 Stacey Solomon Inspired Organisation Tips

The more baskets, the better

Loved by Stacey Solomon and Mrs Hinch alike, baskets are a great way of utilising the space in your home and keep it looking neat and tidy. From storing packet mixes in your kitchen, to using baskets for rolled up socks in your wardrobe towers, there are hundreds of uses for baskets in the home and we’d always recommend them as a top space saving tip.

Lazy Susan storage hack

Most cupboards in our new build homes have a shelf in the middle to help utilise storage space better, but for larger cupboards, it can be painstaking to take up the space with small objects such as tins and mini jars. Stacey found a solution to this in using a Lazy Susan (a tiered rotating tray) to store her groceries. The turntable feature makes it easy to access everything in your cupboard, and the tiers mean that you can stack multiple tins and jars without any risk of any items falling. Perfect.

Storage trays for an organised fridge

One of our favourite tips from Stacey is to organise your fridge using storage trays. We love this as it not only keeps the drawers and shelves looking neat and organised, but also reduces any risk of cross contamination and means you can clearly see all the food you have – ensuring nothing passes its best before date. We love an organisation hack that has a multitude of benefits, and so using storage trays in your fridge ticks all our boxes. To check out how Stacey organises her fridge and find inspiration for your own, keep an eye out on her Instagram stories. You could even label up the trays so you can clearly see what’s in your fridge, and what needs restocking when you pop to the shops. 

Create more space with shelves

We believe that one of the most exciting things about buying a new build home, is the blank canvas you have to play with and the chance to personalise your home so that it’s perfect for you. We love the idea of creating clever storage with shelving, ideal for storing jars and knick knacks. If you’re a keen reader, you might even want to build an entire bookcase into one of your walls with shelves. Now that’s what we’d call a feature wall!

Get creative with the space you have

Stacey has a great ability for discovering opportunities within spaces, this is perhaps one of the reasons her hacks are loved by so many. One of her most popular tips is making use of the plinths below her cupboards and converting them into storage spaces. Perfect for smaller items such as spice jars, packets, and cloths. We’ve also seen examples of homeowners creating cupboards under each of their stairs for storing their belongings. Is this something you’d try?

Hanging to save space

Undoubtedly another of Stacey Solomon’s most famous organisation hacks is hanging her crisp packets up to save space. We love this idea and think it’s a nifty way of saving space in your cupboards. You can fit a small pole or curtain rail across the top of your cupboard, and then use hooks with clips to hang up crisps and save on stuffing multipack bags into the backs of your cupboards. This is also a great hack for hanging up cloths to keep them neat and tidy.   

Invest in multi-use furniture

As well as being an advocate of a multi-use space in your home, we also love the idea of multi-use furniture to keep your space organised and to create extra storage when you need it. It’s not just Stacey that has hidden storage furniture in her home, so many homeowners are now opting to bring these clever pieces into their home to create more opportunities to store belongings. A popular favourite are sofas that have secret storage underneath, some even pull out into sofa beds too – perfect for when you have guests staying over. You can also buy dining tables with drawers, and divan beds with ottoman storage underneath. There are so many possibilities to maximise the potential of the space in your home.

For more advice and insights on all things homes and interiors, be sure to check out more of our blog posts. Or for more tips for the queen of organisation herself, you can follow Stacey Solomon on Instagram here.