Our guide to simple but stunning flowers to grow in your garden this summer

Our guide to simple but stunning flowers to grow in your garden this summer

Gardening doesn’t need to be a chore. Even a beginner can have a lively and blooming garden!

When it comes to gardening, summer is the perfect time to add some colour. A great starting point is introducing a variety of vibrant flowers - and there’s lots to choose from at this time of year!

The planting process is pretty straight forward if you follow the instructions on the care card included in the plant pot when purchasing from a shop or garden centre. The hard part can be knowing which types are easy to grow and look after…

Our summer floral guide outlines the best flowers that will help to turn your garden from drab to fab, with blooms that even beginners can handle. It’ll be enough to make your neighbours turn green with envy!


The clue is in the name with these firm favourites, sunflowers can tower over your garden, but one ingredient is essential, sun. They come in over 70 varieties and can survive in most soil types, provided they are watered regularly. These flowers attract all kinds of wildlife and are very low maintenance, but may need some extra support on the stems by fixing them to something that will support their growth.


Cosmos are a vibrant flower that add a burst of colour into your garden. They are quick and easy to sow and can flower in just twelve weeks. Given plenty of sun and water, Cosmos will live a healthy life throughout the summer. They produce more flowers with every cut and often seed themselves, meaning you may find additional plants sprouting with no effort required.


Marigolds’ colour offers warmth to your garden that the British summertime may not always provide. These yellow and orange flowers can be sown straight from the ground, preferably in a sunny spot. They thrive in most conditions of soil and the petals are even edible! Why not try adding them to a summer salad to brighten up meal times.


Begonias are a flamboyant flower that are perfect for hanging basket displays. They grow best out of the sun and will need watering regularly. For begonias to really flourish, make sure the soil is dry prior to watering.


Peonies flourish in around six to eight hours of sunlight a day. They are sensitive to overwatering, so make sure you are careful not to over indulge the flower as it is easy to do so.

 Shashta Daisies

Daisies are a staple in most gardens, with the bright colours enough to revamp any garden. When the flowers are not in bloom, a luscious green foliage remains in their place all year long, providing colour even in the colder months. This flower needs to be watered regularly however it can survive short dry spells.

Whether you're a beginner or an expert, these flowers are enough to prove you’re not just a one trick peony when it comes to gardening! Even the little ones could help with the planting and maintenance as a fun family activity this summer.