National Children's Gardening Week- fun gardening ideas that kids can get involved with

National Children's Gardening Week- fun gardening ideas that kids can get involved with

As the weather looks to brighten up for summer and National Children’s Gardening Week is finally here (29th May – 6th June) it’s perfect timing to get your little ones out into the garden.

We’ve teamed up with the gardening experts at Flymo, who have shared their ultimate family-friendly activities to enjoy in the garden, no matter the size of your outdoor space or how good your gardening skills are.


Ready, set, garden!


Pots and planters


An easy and great way to get the kids involved in gardening is by using pots and planters - fill them up with bags of compost, chose their favorite plants and water away! After making sure there are drainage holes in the base of the planters, fill two-thirds of the plant pot with some peat-free multi-purpose compost, then arrange the flowers, fill the gaps with a little more compost and press down gently, finally watering the flowers before finding them a slightly sheltered home that still has access to sun. Don't forget to give them a regular watering over summer to keep them growing and blooming.  


Veggies from the garden


Children often leave their vegetables on their plate, but why not teach them where their food comes from to give them that little extra nudge to eat their greens. Whether it’s fruit, herbs or veggies; your kids will love to get involved and see things grow. Low-maintenance plants such as potatoes, tomatoes and strawberries can be easily planted in the garden and then picked, washed, and cooked for dinner or eaten as a healthy snack.


A hotel fit for Queen Bee


A bug hotel is an exciting way to take the kids on an adventure. Look for unwanted bits and bobs around the garden and start by making an open-fronted box and then the rest is up to your imagination. Send the kids digging in the garden or scavenging for items like dried and broken bark, bundles of sticks and twigs, or straw and pinecones - all perfect for building your bug hotel. Any other items from around the house such as old or broken bricks and rolled up corrugated cardboard also work well. A bug hotel also doubles as a charming garden feature. Little ones will love watching wildlife such as ladybugs, bees, woodlice, or even hedgehogs come to stay.


Garden crafts


Getting crafty in the garden changes things up so it’s not just all about muddy clothes and grubby fingers! Why not teach your little ones about feeding the animals in our gardens? For a homemade bird feeder, start by warming some coconut oil in a pan or microwave and mix in bird seeds, flour and a little peanut butter. Separate the mixture into containers or cookie cutters and as it cools and solidifies, poke a hole through the top and weave a bit of string through. And there you have it! A quick and easy hanging bird feeder.


If you have space, give your kids a section of the garden to call their own. Buy plain plant pots and a selection of paints so they can decorate them to make their space unique to them.


We’d love to see what you’ve been up to during National Children’s Gardening Week. Feel free to share your images with us via our social channels, @MillerHomesUK


Happy gardening!