The best box sets to watch with your teens

The best box sets to watch with your teens

TV shows and movies; the remedy we have all turned to in order to ease our lockdown boredom, has seen 12 million new people acquiring subscriptions to TV streaming services, such as: Netflix, Amazon Prime and Disney+.

As viewing figures for these services increased by 71%, the content available on both those and on demand services surged. Streaming giants began to produce their own immensely successful content, such as, Netflix’s ‘The Queen’s Gambit’, Amazon Prime’s ‘Little Fires Everywhere’ and Disney’s Star Wars spin off ‘The Mandalorian’.

Popular TV channels also refined and renewed their on-demand services, offering box sets of both brand new series and our old favourites, BBC iPlayer and ITV Hub being the forerunners of on demand TV.

So, whilst this content is available for the taking, why not find a box set that is perfect to watch with your teenage children, a group of people who may be finding this pandemic particularly hard. With many of these young adults facing added pressures from school and exams, whilst also missing out on the social contact with friends which is so integral at their age, time with the family watching a favourite box set might be just what they need.

So, without further ado, here are some of our favourite box sets to enjoy with your teens and enjoy some quality family time together.

Law and Order

For those who love a good crime and legal drama, there is a wealth of options to choose from.

If the British police force dramas are your cup of tea, then ‘Line of Duty’ may be right up your street. This BBC crime drama follows Detective Steve Arnott, an anti-corruption officer; filled with twists and turns and with a new storyline each season this is sure to keep you hooked. All episodes are available on BBC iPlayer now.

Or perhaps American legal dramas are the TV you enjoy, and if that is the case, ‘Suits’ is perfect for you. ‘Suits’ chronicles the life of top New York closer Harvey Specter and begins when Harvey hires his new associate, Mike Ross, into his law firm. However, Mike never actually got his law degree! If you’re intrigued by how this plays out, then all seasons are available on Netflix.

A final suggestion for this category is something a little different, the detective drama ‘Lucifer’, which currently has 5 seasons spanning across both Amazon Prime and Netflix. ‘Lucifer’ is a detective drama with a twist, a charming and satirical show that is a must watch for all crime, romance and comedy lovers.

Game for a Laugh

However, if heavy crime dramas aren’t your thing and you’re in need of a little light humour then the following box sets would be perfect for you.

BBC iPlayer is home to several fantastic comedy box sets, including ‘Miranda’ and the classic ‘The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air’, both offer light-hearted yet cheeky humour, which serves as a perfect remedy to a stressful day.

The streaming giants also offer their fair share of humorous shows. Netflix showcases American sitcom classics, such as ‘Friends’, ‘Brooklyn Nine-Nine’ and ‘New Girl’, a guaranteed laugh for all the family. Meanwhile, Amazon’s very own comedy/fantasy hit ‘Good Omens’ starring David Tennant and Michael Sheen is reputedly worth a watch.

Real life -v- fantasy

If learning about the world is more your thing then documentaries such as Down to Earth by Zac Efron or the Simon Reeve series on BBC iplayer, not only take you to far flung places, but show you some amazing scenery, experiences and insights into life there along the way.

Alternatively, you could perhaps  check out The Queen’s Gambit, a TV masterpiece centred around the world of competitive chess which saw chess board sales soar early in 2021!

But, if it’s the real world you want to escape from a good classic such as Merlin takes a wander back in time when knights and sorcerers ruled the world!

Feel Good Flirtations 

The streaming giants are home to an array of feel-good, light-hearted romance box set too.

Netflix originals are a great place to find short and sweet romantic seasons, such as ‘Virgin River’ and ‘Sweet Magnolias’, both set in quaint towns which nurture the budding romances, perfect to enjoy and wind away the stresses of the day. Amazon Prime’s original series ‘This is Us’ is also a perfect feel-good family drama to enjoy with your teenagers.

As you can see, there are so many box sets out there, something to suit everyone, and this is but a few recommendations. To check whether it’s suitable for your family content wise, a quick online search will give age ratings and content warnings, do please check before tuning in.

So, why not carve out a small section of time every night to wind-down and relax with the young adults in your family, it’s a perfect way to pass the time. However, if you find a good show that you really enjoy, a box set is not just for lockdown, they can be enjoyed whenever the mood takes you.

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