A Guide to Bungalow Living for Young Families

A Guide to Bungalow Living for Young Families

Bungalows have traditionally been seen as the ideal property for downsizers, but at Miller Homes we’re shaking this up. We’re introducing a 3-bedroom house type called the Hamer to the mix, a new build twist on the traditional bungalow with a unique 1 ½ storey style. If you’ve not considered bungalow living as a young family before now, we’ll tell you why you should.

Benefits Of Bungalow Living

Flexible Space

Though not all bungalows will have this, our Hamers boast one upstairs room (this is why they are known as 1 ½ storey house types). This is a large space (15′ 6″ × 19′ 6″) with a bathroom that could be used as a principal bedroom, but could also be considered for something more versatile. If you’re a first-time buyer without need for all 3 bedrooms, you might want to create a multi-functional space on the top floor, perhaps a home yoga studio or gym. Or, of course, you might opt to create an office. With almost 50% of us working from home over the last year, using the top floor in this way is a great idea for creating a satisfying work life balance.

Impressive Size

‘Bungalow’ does not mean small. In fact, the Hamer has a really generous square footage. This house type has an impressive and modern open floor plan which is adaptable and therefore ideal for growing families. It may be that you purchase a bungalow as first time buyers, and as your family grows, the way you use the space changes too. Even traditional 2 storey homes often don’t have as much space as 1385 ft², so it’s well worth considering a bungalow that gives you that room to breathe.

Unique & Modern

New build homes are often seen as being too similar, but that’s not the case here at Miller Homes. In fact, we have a large range of house types in our portfolio that switch up both exterior style and interior layout. New build bungalows are typically few and far between in the UK, but this doesn’t make them any less exciting or attractive. For those house hunters who understand the appeal of buying a new build property, but still want an original option, then a 1 ½ storey home – or bungalow – might just be the ideal route to take.

Easy-To-Access Rooms

Parents in particular might favour the idea of a bungalow, as it allows them to be close to their young children. Once your little one has gone down for the night, it’s comforting to know that whilst you’re curled up watching TV, that they’re sleeping soundly just a few steps away. Likewise, if you choose to have your main bedroom on the bottom floor, then you’ll be close to them throughout the night too. This type of comfort is pretty exclusive to a bungalow house type, as in most other homes there’ll be stairs between living spaces and bedrooms.

Why Are Bungalows A Good Option For A Young Family?

Though of course a great option for downsizers too, we think that bungalow living for young families who might be first time buyers is a great option as well. These bungalows have great square footage which means lots of space for the pitter-patter of tiny feet. Likewise, the flexible upstairs space can initially be used for one of the examples mentioned above, such as a gym or office, but then as your family expands, it can transform into a principal room. A new build home is yours from the very beginning, and it’s quite the feeling to own a house that grows when you do.

Currently, we only have 2 Hamer bungalows available and they’re based at our Turnstone Grange development in Congleton. We do have other bungalows coming available at Montague Place in Clitheroe in due course, so be sure to check out our website and social media channels for future updates as to when that might be.