Spring cleaning tips with OceanSaver

Spring cleaning tips with OceanSaver

Now that Spring has well and truly sprung; it's the perfect time to give your home a deep clean, throw those windows wide open, get rid of clutter, sort through the recycling and ensure every room feels spick and span for the season ahead.


We've teamed up with eco-friendly cleaning company OceanSaver to bring you some top tips on Spring cleaning your Miller home in an environmentally-friendly way. 


1. Use multipurpose products around the home

One of the easiest ways to keep on top of the cleaning routine is to choose a multipurpose product that can be used all around the home, to keep high-traffic areas sparkling clean.


2.  Wipe down the kitchen after every use

 Nobody likes trying to scrub a greasy hob or sticky worktop when you've had a busy day and want to get on with making dinner. Our top tip? Clean the kitchen after every use. It sounds like hard work, but in fact, using the "little and often" approach is the easiest way to keep your kitchen looking showhome-fresh.


3. Get your glass sparkling

Miller Homes is known for its beautiful bay windows and fabulous French doors – we think they're the perfect way to bring lots of light into the home. A deep clean is only required a few times a year, but to keep the glass gleaming, regularly use a product like OceanSaver's Glass Cleaner EcoDrop to dissolve dirt, and eradicate grease and pesky handprints. Wipe down with a clean, damp cloth for a streak-free shine – try to do this on a cloudy day for best results.


4. Make bathrooms a breeze

Don't let cleaning the bathroom become a chore - like the kitchen; it's best to give the bathroom and downstairs WC a daily once-over to keep things as clean as possible.


5. Keep the floors fresh

When you buy your dream Miller home, you can choose your fixtures and fittings, including your dream flooring. Whether you opt for tiles, vinyl or wooden floors, it's easier than you might think to keep that floor fresh and sparkling clean, even in a busy family home where there could be muddy shoes or paws coming in at any moment!


You should aim to mop the floor in high-traffic areas (the hallway, kitchen and bathrooms) once a week. Start by hoovering up dust and debris, and mop with a speedy spray mop. A good mop will take floors back to brand-new in a flash, and in-between mopping, you can spot-clean where needed too. 


However, you clean your home, opting for non-toxic, gentle cleaners are great for the environment and for your family too. We'd love to see how you 'Hinch' your home this Spring, so don't forget to share pics of your sparkling homes with us and OceanSaver on Instagram @millerhomesuk and @oceansaverdrops.