How to create your own walk in wardrobe with these tips and ideas

How to create your own walk in wardrobe with these tips and ideas

For many the idea of having a walk-in wardrobe in their home is something thought of only for the rich and famous, but you don’t need to be a celebrity to have your dream walk-in closet!

From extra space to hang your clothes, organisers for accessories and categorising by colours or item type, your walk-in wardrobe can make getting ready each day even easier and enjoyable.

Here are some top tips and ideas to help you create your very own walk-in or walk-through wardrobe…

Measure your chosen space

This is a really good starting point. Whether you have a spare room in your home that you’re transforming or perhaps you’re partitioning part of a room, or working on a walk-through design, it’s important to take down measurements accurately. It’s good to have an idea of what you’ll be storing in the area to ensure there is enough space. Measure everything from floor to ceiling, the width of the room and how deep your storage could be, as leaving too little space will make it feel over crowded.

Choose your shelving and storage

Once you have your measurements you can start bringing the room to life. First things first, decide what type of storage you’d like and how you want it to look. Do you want built in wardrobes with doors to conceal your clothes, or an ‘open wardrobe’ with shelves and rails where the items are visible? When you’ve made this decision, it’s time to think about any other storage areas you’d like to add…


  • Free standing clothing rail – this is great for coats, jackets and items with length such as trousers, suits or dresses.
  • Stack boxes – consider these for out-of-season clothing, this way you can keep current season items available with easy access, and pieces you won’t wear until next summer are neatly organised. You could even get boxes to match the interior of the room so they blend in.
  • Drawers – pull out drawers are a good way to keep clothing groups together, for example pyjamas, gym gear and jeans all in their own drawers. They can also be a good way to store accessories such as watches, necklaces and jewellery boxes if you want them out of sight.
  • Baskets – these are great for organising bags and hats. Organising occasion items in separate baskets, such as ‘evening’ purses in one and ‘sports’ bags in another, will help keep your wardrobe in order.
  • Hooks – another option for bag storage, hooks can be placed on a rail with your bags hanging from them. This way when you come to select a bag, they’re all laid out so you can see all of your options in one place.
  • Shoe stand – depending on how many pairs of shoes you own you could opt for a single or multi-layered shoe stand. This is a great way to separate your trainers from your heels and boots from sandals; again, keeping styles or occasions in order will help with easy access.


Incorporate mirrors and light colours

If you’re working with a small space, use mirrors and light colours to make it feel bigger than it actually is. This will make it feel a lot airier too and the more mirrors and light when you’re getting ready and applying make up the better! Mirrored furniture will also help to achieve this and look great, like a dressing table or drawers.  

Have fun with accessories

Over our lifetime we will spend many, many hours getting ready, so why not make it fun? Your walk-in will be your very own space to store your clothes and accessories and create your look for the day ahead, and as what we wear expresses our personality, the décor of your walk-in should too. You might want the room to match the interior of the other rooms in your home or you may see it as an opportunity for it to be unique to you.

Have you created a walk-in wardrobe in your home, or are you thinking of taking the plunge? Tag us in your photos @millerhomesuk – we’d love to see your ideas and creations!