Top tips for getting your garden into shape in time for summer

Top tips for getting your garden into shape in time for summer

As the weather starts to get that little bit hotter, there’s no better time than now to tackle the garden!

But where on earth do you begin? And what tools, if any, do you need? Don’t fret – we’ve rounded up some of our top tips to help you get started.

Cut and edge Grass

An overgrown lawn is the first sign that your garden is in need of some tender love and care – so dig that lawnmower out of the shed and get going!

Before you begin, check to see if there’s anything hiding amongst your grass - stones and thick branches may have made their way into your garden and if the lawnmower catches these, it can do some serious damage to the mower blade.

After you’ve made sure your garden is clear of debris, you can start cutting. If you’re in need of a little helping hand, Lawnsmith have created a little cheat sheet to help you out.

If you want to go the extra mile, why not think about edging your grass? It’s easy to do and will get your garden looking beautifully neat and tidy. Never given it a go before?  Love the Garden has a great article to walk you through it.


Weeds are everyone’s worst nightmare! They’re messy and unruly and are a massive contributing factor for your garden looking unkempt.

Trying to yank the weeds out with your hands alone may not be enough to get rid of them for good. A claw or a weed tool will help you get right down to the root, removing the weed in full so it doesn’t have the chance to grow back.

If you’re still finding it difficult, it may be worth picking up some weed killer for a more heavy duty approach.

Plant flowers

Planting a selection of new bright flowers in your garden is a great way to spruce it up for summer. You could even go as far as creating a vegetable or herb patch – which could serve as a great learning opportunity for children to see where certain foods come from.

Envision how you’d eventually like your garden to look and plan flower arrangements accordingly – and for a little extra help, Better Homes and Gardens have put together a handy guide to help you make the most of your landscape.

 Paint fence

Painting the fence is a job often neglected, but you’d be surprised at how much it can refresh the look of your garden. Plus it’s a fun activity the whole family can get involved in.

Start by deciding which colour you’d like to go for - make sure you select a paint specifically designed for wood, and that will withstand the Great British weather! Speaking of weather, be sure to check the forecast before beginning to paint – it’s recommended you start work while its dry and above 5°C.

If you still need a few more painting tips and tricks – Homebase have all the hints to help you out.

Pressure wash path

How often do you wash your garden paths? We’re guessing not too often – which is all the better reason to get the pressure washer out!

A pressure washer is far quicker, easier and more effective than using a scrubbing brush and hose, plus it will prevent paths becoming slippery to walk on. Not to mention they’ll be sparklingly clean.

Check out this guide put together by Argos to show you how.

However you decide to give your garden a new lease of life – we’d love to see pictures. Feel free to share them with us via our social media channels:



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