How to create the perfect gallery wall

How to create the perfect gallery wall

Gallery walls are one of the biggest interior trends and they are extremely versatile, suiting a host of schemes, styles and sizes.

Whether it’s a small wall that just needs a little added interest, or a larger space that needs something to make people sit up and take notice, a gallery wall is the perfect way to make a statement and express individuality.

Here, we give you a quick rundown on how to start, and why being a work-in-progress to capture your current tastes, trends and interests, is part of the fun!

Start collecting

The first step to creating a gallery wall is to collect; or at least collate lots of things that you love. You may have things from travels across the globe that are worthy of display in your home rather than tucked away in a box. It might be family photos that you want to show off so that your memories are visible for you to enjoy. Or it may just be a collection of art, inspirational quotes and striking images that will best fit with your interior scheme.

Whatever they are, just get them all together and you will find that a theme or look for your collection will soon start to emerge.

Planning the wall

Making sure it all looks ‘right’ is perhaps one of the hardest challenges. The variation in size and look is perhaps the thing that makes the gallery wall so special and, whilst the layout can be perfectly imperfect, it also has to work. If it’s existing items that you are displaying, make sure you lay them out on a floor or large table first, in the same sized space of your wall, so that you can see how everything works together. Or, if it’s a modern art or poster collection that you are creating, perhaps integrate some personal items into it. Take a look at sites such as Desenio that allow you to plan your wall layout and choose from their amazing and inspirational range of artwork. And, if you want to create some personalised items, Posterhaste has some great ideas.

How do I choose where to put it?

Any wall is fair game for a gallery wall but it may be worth considering the merits of what you are hoping to achieve from it. If it’s a brand-new creation then a blank canvas, such as walls in newly moved into, newly built homes, are the perfect starting point and you can really style up your collection by coordinating colours, frames and a theme.

Or, it may be that you have an awkward space in the hallway that needs just a handful of things to make an impact, or you could create a talking point in your cloakroom or downstairs loo by putting up a variety of quirky sayings and prints to give your guests something to read when they arrive, or pop for a comfort break!


Not just art

It’s worth remembering that it’s not just square or rectangular pieces of art, photos and imagery that make a gallery wall – other artefacts and wall hangings can also be used to great effect. The queen of the gallery wall, interiors blogger Lisa Dawson, has created more than one in her home and all have different styles and different things going on.

A family photo wall looks amazing and can be a great visual trip down memory lane. Whether it’s symmetry and grids that you crave, or a more eclectic, expressive approach, go for a little creativity and be amazed at your very own gallery wall.

Frames and Fixings

Should you need frames then do you go for matching, or do you go for mix and match? Generally, you may find that all the same look great in more modern homes where the lines are clean and simple, but a mix and match of all sorts looks great in period homes or those that have a vintage type of style going on. If you need to buy frames, you’ll find that there are lots on the high street that are inexpensive, so don’t go down a custom framing route unless it’s a particularly awkward size and you have no choice.

And, when you get hanging, you really don’t want them coming down unexpectedly! Make sure you choose the right fixings and hooks; expandable wall plugs are perfect for those weightier items.


Do what makes you happy

The true beauty of a gallery wall is that there is no right or wrong. It’s about what you like, what makes you happy and what works in your home.

In today’s trend-driven, ‘must have’ world, a gallery wall allows you to truly express yourself – have fun with your ideas!