Hinch your home – top tips from the First Lady of cleaning.

Hinch your home – top tips from the First Lady of cleaning.

Cleaning sensation Sophie Hinchcliff, or Mrs Hinch to you and I, shot to online fame in 2018 after her helpful cleaning hacks went viral. If you’re already a bonafide member of the Hinch Army, you’ll no doubt know that since then, she’s appeared on ITV’s This Morning, got married, had a baby, and released two books…you know, just for good measure.

But there’s more to her ethos than just having a clean home – Mrs Hinch believes setting time aside each day for a quick scrub, dust and polish helps soothe the soul and calm anxiety, something many of us may currently be experiencing.

So, where do we start? Do you know your Minky from your Vera? Your Dave from your Stewart? And what is a Narnia...?

The Hinch Half Hour

Our current favourite cleaning method, known as the Hinch Half Hour, is great for those pressed for time, or trying to juggle working from home with home education. Pick a room, write a list, set a timer and you’re off! Use your 30 minutes to get as much done as you can – whether that’s a deep clean of your bathroom, a tidy up of your living room or a quick reshuffle of your kitchen cupboards – once the timer dings, you’ll feel accomplished and satisfied that you’ve got one room in your home tackled.

The Clockwise Clean

The “Clockwise Clean” is another quick method to help keep your home in order, without spending a huge chunk of time dusting and decluttering. Walk into your room of choice with your cleaning supplies. Start to your left (your 12 o’clock) and work your way around the room in a clockwise direction, cleaning as you go, so you end up back where you started. Before you know it, another room’s been Hinched!

Mrs Hinch must haves

Ok, so we have our methods – now what about our key products?

Mrs Hinch is known for affectionately naming her cleaning tools, notably “Dave” the duster, and “Vera” the mop, and storing them in her under the sink “narnia”. But what are her key essentials for keeping your home sparkling?


Ahh, the antibacterial, double-sided cleaning pad of dreams. What was once sold out nationwide, is now back and readily available for you to get your hands on. This £2.49 cloth is ideal for quickly removing burnt on stains and marks with the rough side, whilst the microfibre side easily lifts away grease and grime. All while leaving a streak free finish!


This multipurpose disinfectant comes in a variety of scents, and is a daily staple for Mrs Hinch. Dilute with water to use as a surface or floor cleaner, spray on upholstery for an instant refresh, or use neat to kill bacteria down plug holes or toilets. The uses are endless!

Elbow Grease

Elbow grease is an all-purpose degreaser that can be used on plastics, metals and fabrics. And for only £1, it’s definitely worth the investment.

Remove stains from clothing, scrub through tough oven grease and even remove oil stains from driveway slabs – elbow grease does it all, just remember to patch test on surfaces first!

The Pink Stuff

At just 89p, this miracle paste is another Mrs Hinch must have! Tough on stains, this nifty product can be used on tiles, glass, paintwork, outdoor furniture, cookers or sinks, to rid your surfaces of difficult stains.

Simply rub onto the surface using a soft cloth and rinse away with cold water for a sparklingly clean home.

1001 Carpet Spray

Make it “snow” with Mrs Hinch’s favourite product for a quick carpet refresh. Just spray straight onto carpets, rugs, stairs and landings for a deep-clean. It dries rapidly so there’s no need to hoover after use.

This foaming spray also comes in a variety of scents, so not only will your carpets be clean, but your full home will smell fresh too!

We hope this has given so some motivation to have a quick freshen up around the house. What are your top cleaning tips? We’d love to hear them! Tag us if you share any tips of your own on social media…

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