Don't Be Fuelish - Make Your Home More Energy Efficient

Don't Be Fuelish - Make Your Home More Energy Efficient
In this current climate, it's important to be as energy-efficient as possible - especially at home. At Miller Homes, we take pride in making our homes energy efficient - but there are also things you can do every day to not only reduce your carbon footprint, but also bring down those monthly bills.
If you're looking to make some simple changes to take your home to the next level of energy efficiency, here are our top tips to help you along the way.
Download an energy-saving app
There's loads of brilliant apps on the market that can help save energy at home. Usually your provider should have an app, so make sure to download it and make use of the free advice. The British Gas app is one of the most popular on the market - offering tailored insights, analytical data and great personalised tips. 
Energy-saving feng-shui
Think carefully where you place your furniture as it can affect how energy burns in the home. Be careful not to block any radiators, as this disrupts the flow of heat in a room, meaning it will take longer and more energy to make the room warm. Likewise, try to avoid placing chairs or sofas near doors - as you may find yourself reaching for the heating switch more. 
Did you know that a phone charger plugged in at the wall continues to burn energy even when it's switched off? Properly unplugging means you won't be paying for appliances when you aren't even using them. It's the same with laptops - being on screensaver mode uses twice as much energy as when it's in sleep mode, so it's best to always switch off.

Keep closed while cooking
Resist temptation! Never open the oven while cooking to have a peek at what you're making, no matter how good it may smell. The temperature drops by up to 50% each time and uses way more energy that you could have easily saved. 
Feed your freezer
Few people know that keeping your freezer full uses less energy than an empty one. Not only is this a simple solution to lower energy consumption in the kitchen, but it's also a practical tip for busy homeowners who can meal prep, save money on food wastage and retain all those essential nutrients as well.
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