Mastering The Art Of the 'Shelfie'

Mastering The Art Of the 'Shelfie'
You've just managed to master the 'Selfie' but now there's a new phenomenon sweeping Instagram - the 'Shelfie'.
The term given to a stylish arrangement of collectibles, flowers, photos and ornaments, the Shelfie is here to stay. According to interior stylist, Emilio Pimentel-Reid, a great Shelfie is an alternative self-portrait and can be much more nuanced and reflective of your taste, interests and personality. The upshot is that everyone wants a bookshelf that makes visitors and online followers go 'wow'. 
Here are our top tips to help you create a Shelfie of dreams:
Say goodbye to unwanted clutter
Take some tips from Marie Kondo because busy shelves can look messy and for the perfect Shelfie, simplicity is key. Not everything you own has to go on display, so focus on the pieces you really love and want to show off. 
Choose your inspiration
Choose a single item to inspire your shelf space before filling the display. This will allow everything to fit together seamlessly. You can choose a colour scheme, a mood or an item to be the focal point. Try leaning a framed print on a shelf to add height and create a strong foundation to start with. 
Layer and stack your items
Add layers to your shelf by placing books both horizontally and vertically and use boxes and other items to raise plants or ornaments. Experiment to discover what works best in your space and try stacking pieces that might not normally be put together - the beauty of open-shelving is that you can add your own personal touch and creative flair, putting your favourite things on show. 
Embrace the oddness
Embrace the randomness of open shelves. According to Martha Roberts author of Shelfie: Clutter-Clearing Ideas For Stylish Shelf Art, things arranged in odd numbers (especially threes) have greater appeal than those arranged in even numbers. Group some of your items together like five wine glasses or three candles for an Instagrammable shelf. 
Add textures
Think hanging plants, sharp cacti, ceramics, wicker, glass, wood, the list is endless. Play around with textures so nothing feels completely uniform but still works well with the other objects around them.
So if you've had enough of Selfies why not join in the Shelfie craze - it's a great way to bring a creative and personal touch to your home. We'd love to see your 'Shelfies', show us over on @MillerHomesUK and join the conversation.