Declutter Your Home With Marie Kondo

Declutter Your Home With Marie Kondo
The UK is in an organising frenzy thanks to tidying expert, Marie Kondo. Spring cleaning has never looked so appealing, since her hugely popular Netflix series, Tidying Up with Marie Kondo, hit our screens, leaving the nation streamlining their lives and homes. 
Whether you're moving into a brand-new home or simply planning a proper spring clean, we've looked to the expert for her best decluttering hacks.
Wardrobe wonders
All too often wardrobes become household black holes, where our favourite items of clothing can suddenly get lost is a messy abyss and impossible to find. Following Marie's streamlined approach, ditch anything in your wardrobe that doesn't 'spark joy', leaving you to take care of the items you really love.
According to Marie, 'boxes are the king of storage', and we love these bright fabric closet boxes from Habitat. These are perfect for folding away your favourite pieces and keeping everything neat and tidy while freeing up extra storage space. 

storage boxes

Tidy desk, tidy mind
Marie Kondo swears by office organisers to avoid a stressful pile-up of mail, to do lists and unnecessary paperwork. There's nothing better than a neat and tidy work space to focus the mind, and a desk storage set is the ideal office companion. 
This rose gold desk organiser from Next is a pretty addition to any home office, and is the perfect size for storing important letters and stationary.

desk tidy

A calming kitchen
The heart of the home, it's important that you enjoy your kitchen without getting caught up in the clutter.
This room should make life as easy as possible, so think about practicality when tackling the kitchen. Keep cleaning items under the sink; cutlery neatly ordered and everyday ingredients withing easy reach. A glass drawer divider is a great hack for organising spices, condiments and even your medicine cupboard, ensuring everything has its own space.
Lovely living room
The living room is a place where the family comes together to relax and enjoy each other's company - so it's vital for these qualities to influence your surroundings. 
Don't feel like you have to get rid of all your treasured possessions, homely touches or trinkets to create a neat and tidy living room. Displaying them on shelves or your coffee table in a thoughtful way will breathe life into the room. This ladder rail inspired bookcase from Wayfair is a great way to showcase your favourite books - with the addition of a house plant perfect for adding a pop of colour into the space. 
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