How To Add Some Hollywood Glamour To Your Home

How To Add Some Hollywood Glamour To Your Home
This year's Oscars, taking place on Sunday 24 February, are a great excuse to throw a blockbuster-worthy party, complete with glasses of bubbling champagne and platters of luxurious nibbles.
From red-carpeted hallways to signature chandeliers, the glamorous event may give you a burst of interior inspiration, leaving you dreaming of golden accessories, plush cushions and extravagant ornaments. 
In fact, there are so many ways to inject some Hollywood chic into your home ahead of this year's anticipated Academy Awards. Here, we list a number of decor suggestions, helping you to add a touch of Hollywood into your own home.
All that glitters
Gold is the colour of the evening, so take inspiration from the highly coveted trophy and add a splash of glitz to every corner. Go bold with gold trimmed coffee tables and sparkling mirrored sideboards, completing the look with brass lamps and a signature statuette. Remember that when it comes to the Oscars, there is no such thing as going 'overboard'. 
Walk the runway
The red carpet is the most iconic symbolic for any prestigious awards evening, with hundreds of viewers across the globe tuned in to get a glimpse of the outfits. This colour can make the perfect statement in any room, working as a vibrant pop of warmth to complement a neutral palette.If you want to make your guests fell like stars when they arrive, lay out a red carpet runner along your entrance hallway. To go one step further, try creating a romantic centrepiece of roses for kitchen counters, or tie up thick scarlet curtains with a golden velvet rope to create your very own VIP living room.
Sip on a vintage tipple
At the annual awards, celebrities are sure to let their hair down, as they are wined and dined like royalty. While you might not have your own waiter, you can recreate this extravagant experience with your own pop-up vintage bar. Using a sideboard or bookshelf, lay out your favourite tipples served in crystal champagne decanters and backlight the area with some colourful LED strips.
A glowing reception
No one can accuse the Oscars of being subtle - so why not make an statement in your entrance hallway or dining room with a flashy light fixture, such as a delicate shimmering chandelier. You can also add some classic, theatre style sconces, or choose a more intricate design to illuminate your halls and dining room with a warm glow, providing the perfect backdrop for friends and family.
Sleep like a star
When the night winds down and the credits come up, retreat to your bedroom for some all-important beauty sleep. This can be easily achieved with an ornate glittering bedspread and a faux fur throw for some old school filmset glamour. Complete the finished look with silver and gold reversible sequin cushions. No red carpet look is complete without the right accessories, so finish off the room with an opulent headboard with a silk or plush and padded texture. 
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