How To Achieve House Plant Heaven

How To Achieve House Plant Heaven
House plants have made a massive come-back and are now the ultimate home accessory. 
The Royal Horticultural Society (RHS) reported that, in 2018, house plant sales were up 50% and the trend for plants in terrariums and hanging planters continues to grow at a superb pace.
You only have to take a look at Instagram using the trending hashtags #plantsofinstagram and #urbanjungle to see just how popular they are as a home decor accessory. 
So, if you want to get in on the action, we can give you a lowdown on what plants are best to buy, and some benefits for having them, other than them looking pretty of course!
It's worth noting, that if you are a pet owner, you may wish to take professional advice on whether they are safe for your pets or not. 

Best for beginners

If you are a complete novice you can't really go wrong with the humble spider plant. It is a house plant that is not toxic to pets and is equally suited to pots or the latest trend of macrame hangers; a real flashback to the 1970s.
If you like a plant that offers flowers, then a 'Pot mum' or Chrysanthemum to give it its correct name, offers bursts of all different colours and will thrive absolutely fine in any sunny spot. 
Architectural plants
If you fancy having something that makes a little bit more of a statement then Aloe Vera, Dragon Tree or Mother in Law's Tongue are more of a design led choice. Aloe Vera is ideally suited to a sunny position whilst the Mother in Law's Tongue is perfect for bedrooms as it releases oxygen at night bringing health benefits as well as looking rather splendid too. The Dragon Tree can grow up to 8 feet tall so it's worth knowing this and choosing a space that could accommodate such height. 
Old favourites
Some plants have been popular in our homes for centuries; the Weeping Fig was popular in Victorian times and the English Ivy is not dissimilar in its history. 
The Weeping Fig tends to be a little bit more of a sensitive soul so is best situated away from indirect light and draughts whilst the Ivy can help combat mould and purify air, making it perfect for bathrooms.
The designer's favourite
The ultimate interior accessory is one that was popular in the 60s and 70s; the Monstera Deliciosa, also known as the Swiss Cheese Plant. Anyone of a certain age will most probably remember them in school receptions and classrooms and at friends' houses! Now a favourite with Instagram interior bloggers it's a fast growing, easy to keep plant. 
One of the biggest trends at the moment is to create a terrarium or hanging garden from cacti and succulents. Big, or small, they are quite lovely to look at and are relatively easy to care for. Although you can buy them ready made; it is also quite satisfying to be able to create your own with a little research or help from your local garden centre. 
So, when you are considering which plant to buy one of the best pieces of advice we ever heard was to buy a plant to suit the situation it will live in rather than one you like. This way, you will most probably find that you have more success in growing them and allowing them to flourish.
Here's to house plant heaven!