Benefits of Three Story Living

Benefits of Three Story Living
Walking through your front door, up your staircase to a floor dedicated to modern family living - and a final door leads to a private staircase, up to the large en-suite master bedroom; a spacious and private haven covering the expanse of the whole third floor: this is three storey living.
Sleep without distraction
A growing number of studies have found that we're not simply using our bedrooms for sleep but for a multitude of tasks - and this is causing increased challenges to a good night's sleep. With distractions in the form of mobile phones, tablets and televisions (to name a few), our bedrooms have become multipurpose. No matter how tempting it is to pick up your laptop to have a last-minute check of emails or to scroll through your favourite app on your phone, our bedrooms need to remain a calm and peaceful space, to enable a proper REM sleep. With three-storey living, you have an entire floor dedicated to the master bedroom, giving you enough space to ensure that you can dedicate your room to sleep.

Welcome guests, keep your privacy

We all have an evening and morning routine that we stick to, and as lovely as it is to open our homes to family and friends - there's no denying that having guests over can disrupt the status quo. With three-storey living, this doesn't need to be the case. As your evening of entertaining dies down, both you and your guests can retire for the night to separate floors and enjoy your evening routine in privacy. No queues for the shower, or battling it out in the bathroom mirror - everyone can wake up feeling utterly refreshed and ready to enjoy the day!
Grow with your family
The design makes three-storey homes the perfect 'forever' family home, as the layout can adapt and change as children grow. For families with babies, toddlers and young children, parents will want to be close by for the night-time feedings; so having spacious bedrooms on the first-floor offers families enough space to sleep beside one another. And when children hit their teenage years, the unique bedroom layouts means that you can retire back to your full-floor bedroom giving everyone a little bit more privacy and quiet. 

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