Making The Most Of This Year's Autumn Blooms

Making The Most Of This Year's Autumn Blooms
After enjoying the sunny summer months, it's finally time to swap sandals for satchels as children head back to school, and autumn sets in.
During the warmer weather, many of us may have spent the evenings outside in the garden, appreciating the colourful blooms that grow there. Now, just because the sun has stopped shining, it doesn't mean that you can't still enjoy your outside area.
As the trees outside transform from bright greens to amber and ruby tones, the blooms that thrive in this season are also set to change, with a whole host of autumnal flowers to enjoy. We've put together a guide to the best garden treats to look out for.
Where better to start than with this romantic classic? Roses may have strong attachments to Valentine's Day in February, but autumn is actually one of their best times to flower.
Starting in September, they will continue to bloom until mid-November, giving you plenty of time to enjoy these popular flowers, whether growing outdoors or freshly picked and on display at home.
Cosmos are perfect for transitioning from summer to autumn. They are easy to grow, will stay in bloom for a long period of time and prove some beautiful colours as the natural, autumn landscape turns muted.
Within this family of flowers are the 'cupcake' cosmos, offering a unique cupped shape and a pure white or pink colour that will add vibrancy to your outdoor flower beds.
Alternatively, with their sweet scent and a deep, dark maroon colour, 'chocolate' cosmos are a beautiful autumnal bloom. What's more they're known to attract butterflies, so are a must for any families with young, wildlife-loving children!
Classes as one of Septembers 'birth flowers', the daisy-like Aster will add brightness to your garden, blooming in vibrant pink and purple hues. Benefiting from the cooler evening temperatures, they're known to flower from summer, well into autumn. They're also easy to maintain - perfect for those with a busy lifestyle.
Rudbeckia 'Irish Eyes'
These perennial plants are a bright, golden yellow that will naturally compliment the orange autumn leaves that fall. Though their flowering time is short lived, they can still be enjoyed at the start of autumn, before the colder weather descends. 
The Dahlia is another plant that will add the wow factor to your garden thanks to their strikingly exotic look. Bold and available in a multitude of colours, your flowerbeds will rival your peers' if stocked with this popular flower. However, they need protection in the winter, so now is the time to enjoy them at their best. 
There' still plenty of time to enjoy the flowers in your garden, even though the weather is a little cooler. Why not invest in a rustic fire pit or patio heater and spend a cosy night outdoors, wrapped up in blankets for extra comfort?
We'd love to see how your garden is growing this autumn - share your pictures with us on Twitter, Facebook or Instagram!