How To Style The Latest 'Orange Is The New Black' Trend

How To Style The Latest 'Orange Is The New Black' Trend
With Halloween on the horizon, and the cold snap of autumn drawing in, there's not better time to introduce the latest interior trend - the colour orange!
According to Ideal Home, orange is the new black, and since the start of 2018, has been working its way into some of the best-dressed homes, high-fashion catwalks and furniture designers across the country. Once dominating the average 1970s house, this has made a colour comeback transforming itself from from an outdated tone, to a fresh and vibrant way of bringing space to life.
Hallways can often be neglected, yet useful space in our homes. A windowless corridor or narrow walk-through can lead to this room being forgotten, but with the right accessories and a splash of colour, this corner of your home can provide the perfect welcome to your guests.
A rug can be both an inexpensive and dramatic addition to any room. In plain spaces, a hallway runner with a subtle pattern can give the room the lift it needs, making a narrow space appear much wider.
Decorative touches can be all your hallway needs during the darker winter months. Stylistic touches such as switching the photo frames in your hall to brighter colours such as orange, yellow and red can be useful tip for those not wanting to open the paint tin. The sharp colours will see guests' eyes focused on your family snaps, showcasing how homely your house is.
We all dream of that spotless kitchen, but with kids and muddy pets bounding about the house, keeping this space looking clean and tidy can be a tough task.
Instead, make this space a real part of your home by injecting some more colour. By painting a feature wall or investing in a sleek orange (wipeable!) splashback for above your cooker, you can really tie a space together, as well as giving the room a real 'focal point'. A feature wall, with matching accessories, will also give your kitchen a contemporary touch, bringing you right up to trend.
Although a popular colour associated with cosy, autumnal nights in, 'zesty' orange shade can also be ideal for prolonging the summer inside your home.
Bring the holiday season back by incorporating those warm orange hues into your bedroom. There's no need to re-decorate, instead, why not make some simple decor choices - from changing the colour of your curtains or throw, to a statement bed linen cover that reminds you of your summer break. Adding a small pop of colour can work wonder for our mental wellbeing, as well as helping to gently introduce some vibrancy into a space.
Easily changing up your accessories is also a cost-effective DIY technique, particularly if you enjoy mixing up your interior decor to suit the seasons.
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