Clean Your Home Mrs Hinch Style

Clean Your Home Mrs Hinch Style
The UK is in a cleaning frenzy thanks to Instagram sensation, Mrs Hinch, who has amassed an army of 1 million 'Hinchers' in just a few months. A self-proclaimed 'cleaning mad' hairdresser from Essex, Mrs Hinch has captured the hearts, and sinks, of a nation.
Whether you share her enthusiasm for cleaning or not, you can't deny how mesmerizing her cleaning routines are. Her 'Narnia' cupboard is full of affordable cleaning products, all with lovable nicknames, from Minky the scrubber to Stewart the sonic toothbrush.
Here are some of Mrs Hinch's top tips to have gleaming kitchen work tops, crumb-free floors and a beautifully scented sink.
Keep your bin smelling clean
Hinchers are going mad for a simple hack to keep your bin smelling fresh. After cleaning it with a disinfectant spray, douse a piece of kitchen roll in Zoflora, fold it up and leave it at the bottom of your bin before inserting your bin bag. 
Sparkling doors
White doors can quickly get dirty as many hands open and close them. Take a leaf from Mrs Hinch's book and use fabric conditioner to keep your doors clean. Who knew fabric conditioner mixed with water can wipe away marks without removing the paint?
No more crumbs
Food spillages happen and they can often be difficult to remove from wooden floors. Mrs Hinch's top tip is to spray degreaser over the affected area and then use an electric toothbrush to lift the food, before wiping the area clean with a cloth. Simple!
It's all about the Zoflora
The budget disinfectant liquid, Zoflora, is Mrs Hinch's go-to product when it comes to most household chores, and she recently admitted she cannot go to bed without giving her sink a deep clean first. As part of her nightly ritual, and to stop any unwanted sink smells, she pours soda crystals down her plug hole before rinsing it with Zoflora and then pours boiling water over the mixture to rinse out the plug.
Crazy for the Pink Stuff
Another Hinch favourite is the Pink Stuff, a budget cleaning paste that Mrs Hinch use regularly to keep her oven and hobs looking gleaming.
Mrs Hinch's hacks make us want to put on the rubber gloves and get cleaning! Are you part of the #Hincharmy or do you have any hacks of your own? We want to hear from you - head over to @MillerHomesUK and join the conversation.