Throw A Banging Bonfire Party

Throw A Banging Bonfire Party
The cosiest night of the year is nearly here - no matter what age, everyone has a soft spot for taking one night of the year to look up to the skies and marvel at beautifully coloured firework displays on November 5th. A Bonfire Night party is the ideal way to welcome friends and family into your new home and mark the start of the festive celebrations. 
Warming Winter Armoas
There's no better way to set the scene for Bonfire Night than filling your home with warming seasonal aromas. The White Company's signature 'Winter' candle, with its hints of cinnamon, orange and cloves, is ideal - and is beautifully filled with real cinnamon sticks, orange slices and red berries. For an extra touch of indulgence, whip up a batch up fresh hot drinks to bubble on the stove and welcome your guests with as they walk through your door - take your pick from the ultimate hot chocolate, vegan-friendly mulled cider or classic hot toddy.

Sparkle and Shine
Now we know that not everyone can, or might not want to, light fireworks in their garden. If this is the case, there's still plenty of other options out there. Sparklers are a great way for everyone to get involved, and they make for an amazing Instagram worthy photo! Your friends can stand in a line and spell out a word by each person writing a letter in the air with their sparkler - why not spell out 'Home' and tag us @millerhomeuk on Instagram?
Build Your Own Bangers
We all want comfort food when the nights have drawn in and the temperatures drop. The smell of sausages grilling is a simple and warming, and there's nothing more traditional than a banger on Bonfire Night! For a party, why not create a DIY hot dog station? Lay out different bread rolls from the traditional bun to a slice of crusty French baguette, and let your guests top their sausages as they'd like. Be sure to include a bowl of grated cheese, caramelised onion, ketchups, mustard and relishes - any any other topping you'd like.
Traditional Treacle Tarts
Bonfire Night is an evening to indulge in sweet treats - there's nothing more traditional than treacle! A more old-fashioned ingredient these days, this thick dark syrup can be used in many different recipes to create perfect Bonfire Night treats. Guests will go wild for a classic treacle tart or wedge of ginger cake with caramel icing, or why not try your hand at homemade treacle toffee
Cake 'Pops'
We know it can be tricky to persuade the little ones to try something new; so if they're not quite up to one of your treacle creations, it's best to keep it simple. A plain vanilla cupcake is a great start, but it needs that all-important Bonfire Night twist. As you're icing your cakes, sprinkle them with popping candy to recreate the fizzes and pops of a firework - the kids will love it! 
If we've inspired your Bonfire Night party plans, let us know. We'd love to see your pics - share them with u on our Facebook, Twitter and or Instagram pages.