Latest Running Craze Keeps Communities Clean

Latest Running Craze Keeps Communities Clean

Scandinavians have brought us many things – Ikea, Hygge and Lagom and now; Plogging.

But what actually is it, we hear you ask! Well they say that the best things are often the simplest and we reckon that the Danes have definitely hit the big time with this one!


Plogging Explained

Plogging - the art of running whilst litter picking has gathered pace (excuse the pun) since its introduction in the UK earlier this year and, as the summer weather has been quite frankly amazing recently, more and more people are taking to outdoor exercise, so why not embrace it?

It got its name as a combination of ‘jogging’ and ‘plucking’ - jogging simply explains itself as an outdoor run or walk whilst the ‘plucking’ element refers to the practice of picking out litter from hedgerows, grass verges, streets and open spaces – anywhere that it’s not supposed to be!

By putting together these two simple activities, that have been practiced for hundreds of years, plogging offers a number of benefits including an aerobic full body workout which is experienced by all the bending and stretching required to litter pick! Furthermore, our communities are benefitting as they get a spruce up whenever the ploggers head out for their runs, jogs or walks.

Not surprisingly, as the latest craze, it’s all over social media. #plogging, on Twitter, documents activities all over the world – from Byron Bay in Australia, the UK’s Scarborough and many places throughout India to name just a few!


A better place – body and mind

Plogging also offers a bit of a ‘win-win’ situation. Imagine the squats you’ll incorporate into your run, the workout your core will get and also how your morale will feel – keeping fit and keeping Britain tidy all at the same time.

The original Keep Britain Tidy campaign was launched in 1960, almost 60 years ago! And, of course (for those of you who remember), The Wombles, a hit TV series form the 1970s showed a family of moles collecting rubbish on Wimbledon Common. Seems like it’s not an entirely new concept but it’s definitely one that has got an avid following and looks like it is here to stay.


How to get involved

Getting involved really could not be simpler. All you need is your running/jogging or walking gear (namely a pair of comfortable shoes)  and a bin bag or reusable shopper. Pop on a pair of rubber gloves, or others that can be easily laundered, and off you go.

It is possible to pick up any litter at all but most importantly, to really embrace the ethos of ‘Plogging’ it is important to recycle whatever is suitable. So; plastic bottles, paper, tins and cans and glass bottles can generally be recycled with your household waste collections, or alternatively taken to the nearest recycling site. Please don’t just pop it in your household bin, that’s just moving it from one place to another.


One step further

It is our hope that communities everywhere, will organise their own initiatives as well as tackling it on solo runs and walks.

This is something that everyone can get involved in; perhaps on the way home after the school run, whilst walking the dog, or just enjoying a leisurely stroll taking in some fresh air. And, of course, those who choose to exercise outdoors either running or walking and now Plogging.


It all counts

Joining in with ‘Plogging’ or just taking a bag on a walk if jogging or running really is not your thing, will really help – boosting recycling rates, helping to diminish the amount of single use plastic that we are now so aware of and trying to eradicate from our lifestyles.

It may only be a little thing but every little really does help. Get ‘Plogging’! What are you waiting for?

To find out about organised ‘Plogging’ runs near you take a look at the Twitter account PloggingUK.