Get Your Home Ready For Autumn

Get Your Home Ready For Autumn

That time of the year is rolling around again – as the clocks go back, the days get shorter and the weather gets chillier. But, autumn also means cosy nights by the fire, brisk walks through crunchy leaves and pumpkin spice coffee.

It is also a great time to refresh your interiors, as the colder weather often means more time spent indoors. Here, we share our top five tips to get your home ready for autumn.


De-clutter your home

Fast-track your spring clean and de-clutter your living space. Clean and spacious surroundings create a blank canvas and bring fresh inspiration for your interiors. Who knows, rearranging your furniture may even highlight space for new additions to your home, such as a wall that would make the perfect spot for a piece of art or an unused corner that a new armchair would fit into nicely.

Get cosy

Create a cosy respite from the chilly weather outside through adding finishing touches to rooms such as throws, cushions and candles. Invest in some quality autumnal candles or home fragrances – think woody or spiced scents, and as we creep closer to the festive season, incorporate gingerbread or cinnamon. Whether its candles, diffusers or incense sticks, adding a scent to your home creates the perfect atmosphere for autumn. Darker nights are also the perfect excuse for a pamper evening, so combat the winter blues by making your bathroom a relaxing environment in which to de-stress and warm up from the cold weather outside.

Brighten up your home with statement colour

Why not replicate the leaves falling from the trees outside by letting go of any interior style you no longer love, and use the transition from summer to autumn to start a redecorating project? If you’re thinking of refreshing your kitchen or bathroom embrace the current trends of geometric tiles, earthy tones and wood furnishings.

While, for a bedroom or living room, try a statement wall to brighten up the room. If you’re feeling brave you could incorporate the colour of the moment, millennial pink. If you don’t fancy getting the paint out, you can embrace the trend through adding pops of pink in the form of cushions or flowers. To bring a little of the outside in for autumn, invest in some house plants, for low-maintenance, pop an aloe-vera plant on your kitchen shelf.

Prepare for rainy afternoons with kids

Those who have young children know that the summer brings endless opportunities for outdoor activities, such as spending time at the beach or playing at the park. Instead of turning to digital devices for indoor entertainment in autumn, make sure your home is stocked up for fun activities with your kids, such as craft mornings, baking sessions in the kitchen or afternoons spent in fancy dress. With a little imagination, you can have just as much fun with your children at home in the autumn as you did outdoors in the summer.

Jazz up your outdoor space

Don’t neglect your outdoor space as a key part of your home this autumn. Yes, the weather may be colder but why not try your hand at adapting your garden for the chillier weather? Invest in a fire pit for cosy nights by the fire, or add faux fur throws to garden furniture. You could even decorate your garden for a bonfire night themed celebration with hearty comfort food and warming mulled wine.

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