Latest Design Discoveries - From Interior Shifts To Products In Your Home

Latest Design Discoveries - From Interior Shifts To Products In Your Home

The end of 2017 is fast approaching, and design experts are starting to predict the next big thing in home décor and accessories that will shape our style in the year ahead.

With the interiors world drawing design inspiration from a wide range of sources such as architecture, fashion and even technology, we explore the key trends that are likely to make a big impact in 2018.



Plants and greenery in both residential and commercial settings are big news right now, with trendy new bars and loft apartments alike, installing living walls packed with beautiful plants and shrubbery.

A wall of plants is a big project to undertake in your home, but the trend is easy to incorporate in other, more subtle ways. Plant pots come in a wide range of interesting shapes, colours and textures. Choose a mixture of hanging and free standing that coordinate with your décor.

This trend doesn’t have to mean literal plants – on the high street you’ll also find beautiful botanically themed cushions, throws and rugs to help you bring the feel of the outside, in – and a bit of greenery is the perfect way to cheer up your home now that the colder weather is upon us.


Tonal Reds

Red is set to be the hot colour of the year, but the most design-savvy amongst us will be mixing bold red accessories with tones of coral and tangerine to soften the look.

Bright red does also work well on its own as an accent colour, but be sure to mix a wide range of textures to break up the block of colour, giving it added interest and a modern edge.



Copper has been in favour for a few years now but most experts predict this trend will fade away in 2018. Metals will still be hot stuff, but look for luxurious hints of gold or accents of brass, instead.

We love the way that photo frames, candlesticks and mirrors can help to incorporate subtle metallic highlights without overpowering a room.


Dark Wood

The Scandinavian trend has been en vogue for such a long time, and furniture shops have been filled with blonde woods to compliment this light and airy look.

Many design gurus feel that pine has had its time, and are expecting darker woods such as Walnut and Rosewood to make a comeback.

Keep a look out for the rising popularity of Shou Sugi Ban, too. The ancient Japanese art involves charring wood to preserve it, then finishing with an oil, to give an attractive, dark surface with plenty of character.


Cutting Edge Technology

Some of the most life-changing interiors products to come to the fore for 2018 revolve around the smart home concept.

The Mitte Smart Home Water Purifier is more than just a stunning looking piece of kit, it recreates the natural water cycle by not only filtering your water, but adding back in essential minerals.

We have a feeling that the Effie automatic ironing machine will appear on a lot of Christmas lists. Hang up to 12 items of clothing, press start and the machine will remove all the wrinkles with the minimum of effort and fuss.

Proving that the best new innovations don’t need to be big and expensive, the Roost smart battery turns any smoke or carbon monoxide alarms into a connected, smart device that will allow you to receive emergency alerts to your phone, even when you’re not at home.


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