How To Make Millennial Pink Work In Your Home

How To Make Millennial Pink Work In Your Home

Millennial Pink has turned into one of 2017’s hottest colour trends, with Pantone naming ‘Rose Quartz’ as their Colour of the Year 2016 followed with ‘Pale Dogwood’ (a light pink hue) as one of their key colours for Spring 2017. Millennial pink isn’t just a passing trend and its staying power is down to the fact it is free of the girly tones associated with more vibrant shades of pink, therefore appealing to both men and women.


The shade falls somewhere between beige and peach on the colour spectrum and has been popping up everywhere, from fashion and cosmetics to home décor and we’ve taken inspiration from our favourite interior bloggers to help you incorporate this blush pink shade into your home.



A Subtle Nod To The Trend

The easiest way to introduce a rose hue to your home is by highlighting a neutral room with accessories. It’s a subtle addition that makes a big difference and can be as easy as adding a pink tea towel to a white kitchen or a pink armchair to a grey living room. Draping your furniture with ballet pink blankets or covering it with cushions is braver but brings an instant warmth to a room.

We love how interior blogger, Kate La Vie has styled this corner of her home. The pale pink softens the white wall and it’s paired perfectly with vibrant greenery. Changing out pillows is also a great way to update a space and create a glamorous edge, especially when it’s done in this sweet pastel shade. Layer in mongolian accents in the lovely rose hue to warm up your look like blogger, I Covet Thee.

The Pink Plunge

The bedroom is a great place to fully embrace the millennial pink trend. Follow in the footsteps of interior blogger, Poppy Deyes who incorporates the shade by simply adding a pink throw to clean white bedding. What Olivia Did has also styled her bedroom with a subtle pink headboard and cushions, with an eye-catching pink print.


Or if you’re feeling braver, drape your bed in powder, shell and blush tones in the same way as Hello October. Choose a textured fabric that will relax and rumple the colour to give it a softer edge – you can also break it up with a contrasting light grey headboard or throw.


Add Some Shine

Copper and rose gold are the perfect friends to pink. Play with your styles and mix the pretty shade with industrial pieces, such as a brass drinks trolley. The pink will soften the angular lines and metal cage frame and create a clever clash of feminine and masculine. Tinted glass and marble is also an ideal pairing for this dusky pink, taking it in a more sophisticated direction. We love Kate La Vie’s office space and open bookshelf, adding green plants creates the perfect colour pop too.

A new home is the perfect blank canvas for interior décor. We’d love to see how you’ve styled your home - share your interiors with us on Twitter @MillerHomesUK.