Our Tips On How To Make Your Home Cosy

Our Tips On How To Make Your Home Cosy

If you’ve recently moved into a new a home, the first thing you’ll want to do is make it warm and welcoming, particularly as the evenings draw-in and the colder nights creep up on us. To help make your new house a cosy home, we’ve compiled some hints and tips on how to do just that this autumn/winter.

It’s all in the accent…

Believe it or not adding touches of ‘warmer’ toned colours in the form of accessories throughout your home will instantly add a depth and make the home feel snug and compliment neutral coloured walls.  By adding cushions, throws and large candles, mugs and household ornaments in accent colours like copper, burnt orange, deep reds, tans and even cream, you will quickly turn the temperature up in your home and may you want to snuggle down.

It makes scents…

Adding candles (and lighting them) to your main family areas will not only literally add a little warmth, but by opting for calming scents like camomile, jasmine and autumnal/winter aromas such as spiced apple, dark berries and cinnamon your home will instantly feel and smell cosier as soon as you step in the door.

Lighting is everything…

It’s that time of year to turn off the main overhead lights in the evening and opt for string lights and low-level lamps, using bulbs that have a warmer glow (as opposed to bright white) will also help to add a softer ambiance to your rooms. String lights are a great option for bedrooms, in particular using little hooks to drape them down above your headboard can make the environment more tranquil to relax in.

Layer up…

Coming into the autumnal season we slowly begin to layer up more and more; this rule should apply to your home too! Around now, having a throw draping over your sofa or bed adds a little softness to your room; you can slowly build on this by adding a few more scatter cushions in pattern that is associated with the season like check and herringbone, which will add further depth.

As we get into the full throes of winter having a basket full of different patterned blankets and throws will create a cosy atmosphere to your main living space; you may even avoid putting the central heating on as often, too! We’re sure friends and family will also

welcome the option to grab a throw if they are feeling a little chilly.

Save it for a rainy day…

Grab your favourite book and use all of those throws and scatter cushions you’ve collected up over the weeks to create yourself a little day bed by the fire, and light a candle while you’re at it! This will create the most enviable snuggle pit imaginable with the relaxing ambiance of the fire next to you and atmospheric rain beating on your window panes (snacks optional).

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