Beat the January Blues By Creating Your Own Home Spa

Beat the January Blues By Creating Your Own Home Spa

There are so many reasons why people feel the January blues at this time of year, including a lack of energy after a busy festive period and trying to get back into your normal routine.

There are many ways to tackle the January blues, including getting outdoors, exercising, reading more and eating healthier. Although in this blog we’re not looking into these, instead, we’re going to help you create your own tranquil relaxing haven in your home which will be a great way to beat away the January blues.

There is nothing more relaxing than a wonderful spa day, although as you might have just moved into your new home and with Christmas only a few weeks ago, we’d like to help bring a spa like experience to your home.  The DIY spa treatments are widely considered to be effective for reducing stress, include facial steaming, facial peels, facial masks and microdermabrasion.

Ideally pick a day when you won’t have any interruptions, turn off your phone, set the scene by lighting some candles and take the time to really enjoy your bathroom. Nothing says relaxation like a long, hot soak in the bath. You can easily turn your bathroom and bedroom into a little haven with our steps below.

Relax your senses

If possible let the natural light shine into your bathroom. Consider placing a dimmer on your lights to easily create a relaxing atmosphere in the evening or during the night. Place flowers in your bathroom, we would suggest by the sink.

To creating a spa like feeling at home fragrant oils or scented candles are a great place to start.  You could also set up some speakers in your bathroom - we would suggest waterproof ones as the humidity could damage them. Before your relaxation begins create a playlist of songs, specifically choosing ones that remind you of a nice and chilled out time. If you’re looking for extra comfort get an inexpensive bath pillow.

Wall art can help to create a relaxing atmosphere, just be sure not to hang valuable photographs or paintings, as they could get damaged by the humidity.

Fresh and Clean

To ensure you have a relaxing and spa like experience you should to do a good tidy and clean beforehand. Change over your towels and bathmats for freshness and ideally use oversized fluffy towels.

Natural Touches

Natural elements can help in creating a relaxing atmosphere. Here are a few examples of how you can bring natural elements into your bathroom, stone soap dishes or a wooden bathmat.

Get Comfortable

Buy a cosy bathrobe, for extra joy after your bath or shower is done. It’ll be the perfect way to continue relaxing out of the bathroom.

How to create a more relaxing bedroom

If you are hoping to unwind in your bedroom, remove all clutter on your bedside table and your dresser and put away any clothes. On your bedside table, place some freshly cut flowers, a candle and a book.

Keep windows unobstructed to let in natural sunlight when you want it, but be sure that you can pull a blind or curtains if you wish. Decorate your walls with wall art and photographs that remind you of happy moments.

Spring and lighter days are not far away! Until then, use the last of the winter days to enjoy some chill out time at home.

Image by Janet Ramsden and licensed via Creative Commons