How To Host A House Warming

How To Host A House Warming

Moving into a brand new home is always an exciting time and a house warming party is a good way to welcome friends and family and also proudly show off your new property.  

The name ‘house warming’ is derived from the days when it was quite literally a party to warm your house. Guests would bring logs to put on the fire which would then be kept going throughout the winter – long before the days of central heating.

But back to the organising! A successful house warming party need not take lots of time and effort and cash – great results and happy memories can still be achieved on small budgets.

Here we share a few tips to get your party started and finished in style, all whilst preserving your home and your sanity.

  • Draw up a guest list and stick to it. Keep numbers according to the size of your home
  • Decide on a format. Would an ‘open house’ invitation between a given time suit more people? Is a cheese and wine, or fizz and canapés evening more appropriate to your circle of friends? Do you want to keep it small and intimate by hosting a dinner party? Will children be welcome?
  • Send out invitations, giving times, details and an RSVP date
  • Be sure to invite your new neighbours if you’re having a drop in or drinks get together – it’s a great way to introduce yourselves and build a relationship with them.
  • Make sure every corner of your home is clean and tidy. Arrange some fresh flowers, scatter flameless candles and tea lights about, and don’t forget to pay particular attention to the smallest room in the house – make sure there are plenty of supplies.
  • Put together a fantastic playlist. Make sure it allows people to talk above it, but it will help in creating a fantastic atmosphere
  • Capture the evening for posterity. Make sure you take a photo of each of your guests, either on their own or as couples and families, and then use those images to make personalised thank you cards. Hand write them, send them through the post, and embrace the old fashioned way of saying thanks.
  • Gifts are usually customary so find somewhere safe to keep them. In the UK it is often a gift for the home such as photo frame, vase or glass ware but did you know that in some countries bluebirds are given as they are reputed to bring good luck and happiness to the home!
  •  Keep it simple – it’s primarily about welcoming friends and family to your new home so you need to ensure you spend time with them not running around looking after them all evening.
  • Make sure you are well armed with cleaning products for the morning after. Enlist the help of a couple of friends, get the hard work done and reward them with brunch whilst you reminisce on what a great party it was!

We hope that we’ve provided you with lots of inspiration so all that remains for us to do is wish you a very happy housewarming!