Creating the ultimate summer salad

Creating the ultimate summer salad

During the summer months we tend to swap out our hearty meals for light, flavourful dishes. Salads are an essential part of summer because they are quick, easy, and require minimal to no cooking – which is ideal when you are trying to enjoy the British summer!

By using a variety of ingredients and dressings you’ll be able to create salads which will be perfect for lunch, dinner or even if you’re entertaining.

Here are our ideas for the creating the ultimate summer salad:

Brazilian Flavours

With the Rio Olympics we’ve been thinking of how to bring Brazilian flavours into your salad bowl.

Popular Brazilian ingredients include:

-          Mango

-          Orange

-          Pineapple

-          Avocado

-          Kale

-          Pine nuts

-          Cashews

-          Lime juice

-          Black beans

So why not experiment with the ingredients above or if you’re not feeling adventurous you could follow step by step guides from Easy Brazilian Recipes, Whole Foods Market or Tesco’s Real Food to  your ultimate Rio inspired salad.

Local produce

If you would rather stick with flavours closer to home – explore local farmers markets and delis to pick up seasonal local produce.

Seasonal foods during the summer months in the UK include:

-          Apricot                                                                

-          Asparagus                                                                                                                                                          

-          Basil                      

-          Beetroot

-          Broad beans

-          Carrot

-          Courgette

-          Crab

-          Garlic                                    

-          Globe artichoke

-          Lettuce

-          New potatoes

-          Pepper

-          Pomegranate

-          Spinach

-          Spring onion      

-          Strawberries

-          Tomato

BBC Good Food has a useful year round seasonal food calendar.


If you’re trying to be healthy you should ditch bottled dressings and create your own. Making salad dressing from scratch is nearly as fast and easy as shaking up a bottle.

The most basic way to make a salad taste very good is to toss it lightly with a good olive oil, then squeeze a little lemon, lime or drizzle some balsamic vinegar over it. Sprinkle of herbs, salt and pepper and you’ll have yourself a delicious salad. For other salad dressing ideas watch Jamie Oliver’s Food Tube.

Salad bowls and servers         


Now you have your ingredients it’s time to think about how you’ll present and serve your ultimate summer salad. Pinterest has lots of ideas for salad presentation that will have you looking forward to lunch or impressing your guests!


As for serving, wooden and hand painted table ware is a massive kitchen trend this year – which will tie in perfectly with a UK or Brazilian themed salad.


Who’s hungry now? We certainly are so let’s get experimenting with local or exotic produce and make the ultimate summer salad!

Image by Wonderlane and licenced via Creative Commons.