Live More Sustainably

Live More Sustainably

As the cold winter months are approaching we’re all thinking about ways to save money. This can be hard with Christmas and energy bills creeping up. The good news is buying new can help you to save on your energy bills and live more sustainably.

Earlier this year we created an infographic on sustainable living and creating a better place to live. It provides you with some great advice about living sustainably. You’ll find out what changes you can make to lower your utility bill cost but you’ll also learn why it’s important to look after our resources, rather than wasting them.

New build homes are more energy efficient than refurbished or old homes and are much kinder to the environment. They are more comfortable to live in because they are warmer and because they are specifically designed to be energy efficient, they also have more natural light.  Of course, they also have lower running costs too which is great for everyone. For example, a three bed detached new build house could cost up to 52 per cent less to run than an ‘upgraded’ Victorian home while a four bed detached new build house could cost 55 per cent less to run than an ‘upgraded’ Victorian home – that’s less money spent on running the house and more money which can be saved or spent elsewhere. 

New homes are great because they are insulated and more energy efficient, and as the demand for energy is increasing we need to preserve it as much as possible. The Environment Agency found that houses in the UK are responsible for 30 per cent of energy use in the UK, 27 per cent of carbon emissions and 24 per cent of greenhouse gas emissions, so it’s important to ensure that we are doing all that we can to look after and now waste our energy resources.

Our new homes have ‘Smart Meter’ technology which enables people to have better control over their energy usage. Smart Meters send your energy usage to your energy supplier in addition to giving them information on the CO2 emissions from your home, thanks to this technology people can see and understand how much they are using – which enables them to manage their usage and bills better. If needed, Smart Meters also have audio technology which warns you when you exceed your energy usage – preventing you from spending unnecessarily and wasting energy.

Although new homes are now built with cavity walls, which could save you £140 a year in heating because they provide insulation, there are still many other ways that you can cut down utility bills by simply making a few changes around the home. There are also some other small steps you can take to help reduce, reuse and recycle.

People in the UK use an estimated 10 billion plastic bags a year - more than 150 per person, and this accounts for a fifth of all plastic packaging used in the UK. The carrier bag charge was introduced in a bid to reduce the number of plastic bags going to landfill. Within the first year of the policy being launched in Scotland, 147 million less carrier bags were handed out in shops and businesses. In Wales the charge led to a 79% decrease in plastic bags taken in the first three years and in Scotland the number of ‘bags for life’ used quadrupled last year.

With the introduction of a 5p charge for plastic carrier bags in England, we are helping households prepare with a free stylish shopper giveaway. As a business, one element of our business philosophy, The Miller Difference, is about helping our customers and employees to live more sustainably.  By launching our own bag for life, we hope to play a small part in helping them achieve this.

The first 100 people to register on our website using the following special link (*  will receive a bag. Additionally bags will also be distributed via sales centres when customers reserve their new home and to all of our employees.

So, if you are in the market for a new home, a new build is definitely worth considering as the energy efficiency figures really do speak for themselves. We currently have 67 developments across the UK and provide high quality homes to suit the needs of people at all stages on the property ladder.