Hosting a Kids Birthday Party at Home

Hosting a Kids Birthday Party at Home

Hosting your child’s birthday party in your new homes is not only a great way to keep costs down but also show off your lovely new abode! You will be able to organise more in the lead up to the party, add more personal touches and save on venue costs. The key to getting the most out of hosting a kid’s party at home is to be organised.


We suggest picking a theme with your child. It can be fun to get your child involved in planning their party, spend time with your child to write down all the ideas you both like. Though it may seem unnecessary, having a theme will make things easier for you to pick decorations, food and games. Character parties are popular are the moment; you could pick Inside Out or Frozen. If you’re thinking of a more general theme then we suggest pirates, fairies, princesses or cowboys.

You should be able to get items to go with your theme at your online in places such as Party Pieces, local supermarket or at party shops. Otherwise you could get creative and make things with your child.


As with most events nailing down the specifics is key to hosting a party for your child.

Here are a few things to consider:

When is the party going to be?

How long will it last?

Are there any big events you might need to avoid that would prevent other children from coming? What time of day works into your schedule?

Get invitations in the theme of your party. You could either buy them or get creative and make your own. Check out for downloadable invitations.

The invitation should include the start and end times, address and if there will be a meal. It's best to invite a few adults to help with monitoring and the clean-up so get some friends to muck in!


Buy or make decorations again in the theme of the party. For everything from table cloths to pinatas, a party store or supermarket is your best bet. It's always an option to make your own decorations and your child can always help.


Pick more traditional games such as Capture the Flag, Blind Man's Bluff, or relay races, which are a great way for the little ones to get in the party spirit!

Your games could include craft projects, hiring an entertainer or conduct a scavenger hunt with theme-related clues and a final prize. For younger kids, have a loose schedule to keep things running.


When it comes to parties, one thing is essential… the cake. Will you bake one or buy one? Whatever you choose, either get the order in early or go shopping for the ingredients ahead of time. Make the most of your lovely new kitchen but if you don’t want the stress of preparing food you could get some pizzas delivered, a few supermarkets offer party/finger food or hire a catering company to take care of everything. If it's a nice day outside and you could have a BBQ, kids love sausages and burgers.

Visit website Jamie Oliver’s website if you want to make your own food, he has great party recipes. You could make the food theme oriented, too!

Buy plastic cups, cutlery and plates, this will help you when you are tidying up and are child friendly. To prevent things getting broken, ensure all fragile and expensive items are stored out of reach.  

For more inspiration for entertaining at home or DIY project to decorate your home check out our Pinterest boards.

Image by ND Strupler and licensed via Creative Commons