Halloween Fun at Home

Halloween Fun at Home

With Halloween approaching and the days are becoming shorter and darker we’ve been looking into activities for you and your family to do in and around your new home!

A fun way to enjoy your new kitchen and get into the seasonal spirt is to bake some delicious Halloween themed treats. Here are our must have bakes for Halloween:

Halloween Cookies

From creepy witches' fingers to huge scary spiders, All Recipes have got plenty of frighteningly delicious Halloween cookies and biscuits to spook you out! Also check out their collection of Halloween cakes.

Halloween cakes

Bake an Apple Pie

There are many variations on this classic recipe – we suggest exploring your local farmer’s market where you’ll find great quality baking apples. Try following Jamie Oliver’s apple pie recipe.

Caramelised Apples

Are you looking for a sweet treat for the family? Caramelised apples are a traditional autumn dessert – try your hand at making them using Food Network’s recipe.  

Decorate Your Home

Do you want to bring Halloween to your home? Deck out you home inside and outside this year shops are full off Halloween themed home accessories and Party Pieces has a great selection of decorations if you are hosting a Halloween themed party or dinner.

You could try making your own Halloween decorations. Pinterest has many great Halloween themed arts and crafts – we have been pinning some of our favourites.

Visit a Pumpkin Patch

Although visiting a pumpkin patch is traditionally an American Halloween activity it’s becoming ever more popular in the UK. Pumpkin patches are popping across the UK - so you’re sure to be within a short drive of one.

Carve a Pumpkin

Once you have picked out your pumpkin it is time to get creative and carve your pumpkin! Most supermarkets sell child friendly craving kits – although we do still recommend that you help them.

Click here to see some brilliant pumpkin carving artwork. We imagine that the majority of those designs will be very challenging, however to help you out with your design The Pumpkin Lady has over 700 simplified designs and stencils.  

Bob for Apples

If you have any leftover apples from your apple pie let you children bob for apples. You can hang apples on a string on a line, rather than in a bowl of water. You could arranging a bobbing competition for your child and their friends with a small prize for the winner.


Costumes are one of the most iconic elements of Halloween. You will be able to find costumes for all ages from fairy tale creatives to superheroes online and in fancy dress shops.

If you are looking for a craft to do at home with your child you could make a costume from household items. We have found lots of great ideas on Pinterest.

Go trick or treating

Taking your child around your neighbourhood to Trick or Treat can be a great way to meet your neighbours.

If you are not going door to door but would like to welcome Trick or Treaters, place pumpkins and other decorations outside and leave your porch or front door light on. Most importantly make sure you have some sweets to hand out to your visitors!


Scented candles

Scented candles can help to bring a season into your home. Halloween scents we recommend for your home include:





Kitchen Spice

Marshmallow Fireside


Read Zoella’s blog featuring her favourite autumn and Halloween themed candles.

Remember to keep your candles well out of reach of children.

Watch a scary/Halloween movie

The darker nights have arrived so it’s the perfect time to get cosy in your living room and have a Halloween movie evening.

Our top family Halloween movies are:

-          Houcus Pocus

-          Casper

Have an autumn family photo shoot

Autumn is a perfect time to get some new family photos. With the leaves turning woodland areas and park are now filled with beautiful red and orange leaves, providing the perfect background for photos. This is also a great way to explore your local area.

Go on a woodland walk

Autumn is the perfect time of year for a walk in the woods. Find your inner child and play in the leaves with your child. Encourage them to look out for nice shaped and coloured leaves to collect for leaf art project. Click here for leaf art ideas.  

What are your planning for Halloween and the rest of autumn?

Visit our Pinterest boards for lots of DIY and home décor inspiration.

Images by Tanya Hart and Bruce Szalwinski and licenced via Creative Commons