Miller Homes Guide to Hosting a Housewarming

Miller Homes Guide to Hosting a Housewarming

Moving into your new Miller home is certainly an exciting time! Once you’ve moved in and have finished (or at least made a substantial dent in) unpacking the boxes you might feel like you’re ready for some guests. Your friends and family are probably as excited to see your new home as you are to show it off.

To help you with some great housewarming party hosting ideas, we’ve created a guide to help you. So get ready to throw open those doors, celebrate, and enjoy your new home!


Luckily for you, the days of paper invites, sealing envelopes and sending snail mail for a housewarming party are long gone. Evites or a Facebook event are perfectly appropriate and your guests can quickly add your event to their mobile calendars once they receive their invite.

If you like the personal touch of paper invitations you could make paint samples housewarming invitations. This is a great new-home-appropriate way to spread the word about your housewarming party. Best of all, paint sample invitations are an easy to make and free.

Be sure to include any information which your guests need, such as, your address, if you’d like them to bring any food or drinks and if you have a theme for your party and give them some instructions on how to dress.

Give Your Home a Thorough Clean

You’ll want to give your guests a chance to fall in love at first sight. On the days approaching your housewarming party take the time to give it a good clean over and add finishing touches.  

House Tours

As much as your guests enjoy seeing you, probably the primary reason they’re at your housewarming party is to see what you’ve done with your home! Be generous in offering and providing house tours to any interested guest as the party continues.

Food and Drinks

Unless your housewarming party is of the sit-down dinner variety, finger foods are the ultimate party food. Cheeses and bread/crackers, pizza or sushi are all great ideas.

If you provide a mix of hot and cold foods, you’re more likely to have something available for everyone, and a colourful spread! Speaking of colour…we recommend keeping liquids to the clear variety. Nothing worse than “christening” a new home with some red wine stains.

Create a Space for Housewarming Gifts

Although they may not be required or expected, housewarming gifts are a traditional part of coming to a housewarming party, and some of your guests will probably show up with something. Have a place ready to receive these, whether it is a special space on the kitchen counter, a side table in the living room or in the hallway.

Create a Comfortable Atmosphere

Set the mood for this and the events to follow by creating a warm, relaxing atmosphere in your new home and your guests will be keen to come back. Provide ambient lighting and a musical playlist that will appeal to all audiences. Ample seating should be a top priority at your housewarming party, too.

Stock the Bathroom

You’ll want to make sure the bathroom is sufficiently prepped and stocked. Ensure your bathroom(s) are stocked up with toilet rolls, fresh towels, soap, hand cream and a clean mirror.

Arrange Furniture for Easy Flow

It may not be the ideal layout for your space, or the one you prefer, but for the duration of your housewarming party, it’s a good idea to keep the furniture layout fairly open.

Flowers and Candles

Flowers are a great way to turn your house into a home. Buy a couple of bouquets of flowers a day or so before your housewarming. Place flowers in places your guests will see, such as your hall, living room and dining room as they make the space more welcoming and create a warm and sharing atmosphere.

Candles are another great homely item, they soft warm lighting and if scent the smell of the candles can drift to various locations in your home.

Hang Paper Lanterns Outside

Weather permitting, you may want to encourage guests to continue the festivities outside. Do this by decorating the outdoors, with paper lanterns, lights and seating which will invite guests to wander outside!

My Move has a great housewarming party checklist that you can download and print.

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