Decorating your first home

Decorating your first home

For some home owners once they have moved in and unpacked it’s time to sit back and enjoy their new home, for others it’s the start of putting your stamp on your home. We’re sure you’ve heard that one of the benefits of buying a new build home is that it’s a blank canvas for you to work with, although for first time or new home buyers choosing where to start can be hard.

By decorating and accessorising you’ll be able to add your personality into your home. Although it’s advised that you don’t decorate (paint walls or hang wallpaper) for the first year from when your home was built. Until you can decorate the walls there are still a lot of other things you can do to bring your home to life. Picking colours, themes and furnishings for your new home can be very exciting but to get the tasks done you’ll need a few items.

Essential items for home decor

If this is your first home it’s unlikely that you’ll be stocked for home décor. You’ll need to purchase the essentials for your DIY work you may need more decorating tools but our list should hopefully get you started.


Protect your flooring and furniture by laying out dustsheets before starting any work. There are a variety of dustsheets available from heavy weight, lightweight or plastic disposable your choice is likely to depend on the job they are required for.


A selection of screwdrivers would be useful for moving in things such as shelves, furniture and fitting electrical items* such as wall lights, ceiling lights, switches and sockets.

*Always turn of the mains before removing anything electrical, if you’re unsure hire a professional electrician.

Sharp knife

This can be used to open tubes of decorators caulk, packets of filler and wallpaper paste and for cutting wallpaper, or even to sharpen your pencil.


This will be useful for a variety of house hold chores and tasks including hanging up pictures, mirrors and shelves.

Painting essentials

A selection of good quality paintbrushes is often useful for in your toolbox, a range from ½ inch up to 3 or 4 inch is ideal, the most commonly used are 1 ½ and 1 inch brushes.

A roller cage should last you a long time, or even years depending on how much you use it. A 9 inch roller will be most useful allowing you to cover walls and ceilings quickly. For small and hard to reach areas a mini roller can be very useful. You’ll need a tray for your roller and it’s not essential but you might also want a smaller tray for you mini roller.

Masking tape

This can be used to hold dustsheets in place, masking skirting and architraves and a handy thing to have in your toolbox.

Now you have the essentials it’s time to pick your themes and colours.

There are a few things to consider when decorating, such as do you want a running theme throughout out home or themed rooms. Considering your local area as you can incorporate it into your home décor. If you live near the seaside decorating with coastal accessories and colours can work really well.

Colours and themes

Choosing neutral colours for the walls and floors can be a good option as you can use accessories to create the theme or look that you’re going for. You could choose colours, themes or patterns that you switch seasonally.  When you’re decorating keep in mind the furniture and the layout of the room.


If you’re lost for inspirations for your home décor don’t worry we’re here to help. We keep up to date with industry trends and tips from our interior designers across the UK. We share their tips and trends on our blog. We also have a variety of interior inspiration boards on our Pinterest feel free to get pinning.

You might find relevant information on new build homes in the NHBC’s practical guide to looking after your new home.