What Your Home Décor Colours Say About You

What Your Home Décor Colours Say About You

We’ve recently written a blog about decorating your new home, which included the essential tools needed to decorate and tips such as picking a colour scheme or theme for your home.

Although trends can have a strong influence on why we choose a particular colour scheme, we thought it would be interesting to find out more about what those choices might say about our personalities…


White symbolises purity, innocence and naiveté, youth, purity, desire for perfection, freshness and simplicity. Decorating with white is becoming ever more popular and is a great way to create a versatile canvas which can be enhanced with any kind of accessories, which can be easily changed if the mood takes you!  For ideas and inspiration read Real Simple’s article.


Red is the colour of strength, health and vitality. Red is often the colour chosen by people who are outgoing, aggressive, vigorous, impulsive and optimistic. If you have a zest for life red will be perfect for you. Decorating with red can be a bold way to add warmth to any room.


Pink expresses the gentler qualities of red.  It symbolises love and affection but may also suggest a desire for protection, affection and security. Pink is naturally a popular choice for a baby girl’s nursery, which resonates well with feelings of love, affection and protection expressed by new parents.


Orange symbolises luxury, flamboyance and is often found in the home of someone who is fun-loving and outgoing.  Orange is the colour of youth, strength, fearlessness, curiosity and restlessness. We’ve been inspired by orange in several of our show homes this year, including the Radcliffe at Lodge Farm Chase and in the dining room of our Polofields development.


Yellow is the colour of happiness, wisdom and imagination. Yellow can be associated with someone who is adventurous, has a vibrant personality and strong sense of humour but equally they may also have a good head for business and be a little opinionated!  


Green is the colour of harmony and balance.  It symbolises hope, renewal and peace.  Greens are fairly sociable with a strong community spirit.


Soft, soothing, compassionate and caring, blue is the colour of deliberation, introspection, patience and perseverance.  Choosing blue for your home décor may demonstrate that you have a steady character and wisdom.  If you pick a blue-green colour for your home décor, this can show a sensitive, intellectual and refined side to your personality.


Home owners who decorate with purple are individual, particular, witty and sensitive with a strong desire to be unique. If you chose purple, this may indicate that you are slightly unconventional, tolerant and dignified, and is sometimes associated with those in positions of authority.


Grey is becoming an ever more popular home décor colour choice.  However, it is the colour of caution, compromise and diligence – indicating that you may work too hard!


Choosing the colour black for your home décor can signify that you are dignified and mysterious with hidden depths without being showy.

So do your home décor colours reflect your personality?  It’s highly likely you’ve opted for a combination of colours but it’s interesting and fun to know that there might just be personality traits pulling you towards certain colours!

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