Preparing Your Home For Guests

Preparing Your Home For Guests

It can be great fun having guests to stay in your home. As a host you want your guests to feel comfortable, relaxed and welcome. Our tips on preparing for your visitors will help to make you a super-host.

Give your home the once over

Give your entire home a thorough clean by hoovering, mopping, disinfectant all countertops and bathrooms. If you’re looking for tips on giving your home a once over read our cleaning blog

Preparing the guest room

Make sure you have a guest bedroom or sleeping arrangements sorted before your guests arrive. If you have a guest bedroom make sure it is ready by giving it a good clean and putting on fresh bedding. Scatter cushions and a throw can help to dress the bed. You could also buy fresh flowers and a scented candle which will both look and smelling lovely.

Other items to lay out for your guest

- Towels

- Dressing robe

- Slippers

- Hairdryer

- Mirror

- Note of wifi password

Make space in your spare room by moving personal items which will give your guests a little space to unpack some on their items, making them to feel more at home.

If you don’t have a spare room work out other sleeping arrangements, e.g. you might need an inflatable air mattress which are relatively inexpensive, comfortable and can be inflated easily.


Your bathroom should be welcoming to guests, so put away personal items, empty the bin and you could find a fab use for all the miniature products you have collected from hotels, by leaving them out for guests to use.

Having a colour scheme in your bathroom can make it more visually appealing. You can add a colour scheme into your bathroom with towels, bathmats and accessories.

Stock up

Prior to your guests arriving stock up on food and drinks with them in mind. Find out what they like and check if they have any allergies. To help make meals less stressful for yourself plan ahead and stock up on additional drinks and snacks.

If this is the first time your guests have visited or stayed over at your home, give them a tour, showing them where they will be sleeping and where they can find food and drinks, this will make them feel comfortable.

All that is left to do now is enjoy hosting and entertaining your guests.

We hope this blog has helped to prepare you for your guest coming to stay.

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