National Gardening Week tips for gardening in Summer 2015

National Gardening Week tips for gardening in Summer 2015

To coincide with National Gardening Week, we have come up with some tips and suggestions to help you celebrate summer in your garden.

With spring now upon us it is a great time to get stuck into your garden. Garden maintenance is a year round project, but preparing your garden in spring with tasks such as planting will mean you have all of summer to enjoy it.

Your first garden or your new garden might seem very daunting, but it will be a much easier project if you break it down to simple tasks. If this isn’t you first garden the blank canvas might leave you feeling a little lost in the excitement of where to start.

Our first tip is take the time to think about what you want from your garden. Are you making it family friendly, a place to entertain, have you thought about flower beds or somewhere to grow fruit and vegetables.

Once you have decided what you want from your garden, make a plan of what needs to be done and in what order, this will help to keep you focused.

To get started in the garden, you're going to need a small number of garden tools. Picking out the essential gear for your new hobby can be great fun, most large supermarkets and gardening centres will stock the tools that you will need.

One of the first things we suggest for you to think about is the placement of trees and large bushes. If you want to have a tree or any large bushes in your garden you will need to identify areas where they could grow, a tall growing tree will need to be a few metres from your home. Hedges and windbreaks may be needed to provide shelter, privacy, structure or to attract wildlife to your garden.

Now it’s time to think about flowers, annuals are known to be an easy plant for beginner gardeners to care for and they are also widely available. When planning your flower bed choosing the right plant for the right place is important, ensuring they have enough room to grow.

It is also worth considering the following, when and where you want colour or interest in the garden.

If you are still stuck on which plant is right for you and your garden use the RHS Plant Selector for ideas. Now all that is left to do I get some furniture in your garden and hope for a summer of good weather where you can make the most of the outdoors. 

We also have a Pinterest board dedicated to gardening, we hope it inspires your green fingers. Send us photos on Facebook or Twitter of what you have done to your garden, we'd love to see your work.