Spring into action and spruce up your garden

Spring into action and spruce up your garden

With the severe weather finally behind us and spring just around the corner, you might be thinking about getting your garden ready for the better weather.  And why not, after all - putting in a bit of hard work now will seem like nothing when you’re reaping the rewards of a beautiful, blooming garden in a few months’ time.

Here are our tips to help you make the most of your outdoor space:

- First things first - remove any dead annual plants that remained over winter.  Have a general tidy up and remove leaves and other debris from flower borders, lawns and ponds. 

- Early spring is the time to take action against weeds with some proactive weeding.  Damp soil makes it much easier to pull young weed seedlings.

- For lawns still saturated with rain water, routinely forking them will aid drainage.  If you are concerned that growing season will be seriously delayed, why not begin sowing in trays and pots inside on windowsills, or buy plug plants from nurseries.

- Some shrub-like plants with woody stems need to be cut back in spring, because they only bloom on new branches, however it’s best to wait until the danger of a hard frost is past before doing this.

- Most spring blooming trees and shrubs set their flower buds in the summer or autumn of the previous year.  Beware of pruning them in the spring, before they’ve bloomed as this would mean pruning off this year’s flowers.

Hunting down and removing hibernating pests now can save a lot of trouble come spring and summer. Take a closer look at the crowns of your perennial plants and you may find slugs, snails and colonies of plant lice sheltering for the winter.

- Clean and sharpen your tools!  Caring for your gardening equipment will not only help to preserve it saving you money, but it also helps prevent the spread of disease – for example using dirty secateurs may introduce bacteria and fungi to fresh pruning wounds.  Sharpening your tools will also improve their performance.

- If you don’t have one already, why not set up a compost area in your garden.  Not only will you have somewhere to put your garden waste, but your plants will benefit from the rich compost created when it all breaks down.  But, whatever you do, don’t try to compost weeds - they’ll come to haunt you!

While the recent wet weather may have caused set-backs, keep heart.  There’s still plenty of time for the garden to dry out before the growing season really gets started.  And if the weather forecasters are right, we could be in for a beautiful hot summer to make up for the wet winter – we’re keeping our fingers crossed!

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