Location, Location, Location – Chesterfield

Location, Location, Location – Chesterfield

As we continue our blog series highlighting some of the most desirable places to live in the UK, we take a look at Chesterfield in Derbyshire.

Chesterfield lies in the heart of the East Midlands and The Portlands boasts the best of both worlds – it is just a short hop from Derby city centre and is surrounded by beautiful countryside. With excellent transport links to scenic towns such as Buxton and Matlock it’s easy to see why the town and development is proving to be a big draw.

Chesterfield is steeped in history and received its market charter as early as 1204. The charter constituted the town as a free borough, granting the burgesses of Chesterfield the same privileges as those of nearby Nottingham.

Three days a week, the town holds one of the largest open-air markets in Britain which is as popular as ever with the locals. As well as the historic open-air market, an indoor equivalent is close at hand and was even named the UK’s best small indoor market by the National Association of British Market Authorities. Dating back to the Victorian era, the market houses local traders and family ran businesses all the while having the Market Plaza Café – a place to enjoy a coffee and cake while taking in the surroundings through the glass roof of the Clocktower.

Chesterfield is perhaps best known for its iconic crooked spire of its Church of Saint Mary and All Saints. The spire twists and leans 45 degrees and according to folklore its origins date back to when a local blacksmith’s handiwork caused the Devil to leap over the spire in pain, knocking it out of shape.

In reality, the spires ‘crookedness’ could be down to a number of factors including a shortage of skilled craftsman and appropriate tools at the time of the build. It is also believed the material change from wood to a heavier slate many years later also enhanced its lean and twist.  Either way, the Spire still sits proudly in the Chesterfield skyline for all to see and the local football team even adopted ‘The Spireites’ as its nickname – something for all Chesterfield residents to be proud of.

Chesterfield prides itself on various well performing primary and secondary schools, add to this a wide selection of medical centres and dental surgeries and it’s easy to see why the town proves popular with families.

Chesterfield has a lively assortment of local amenities and boasts a rich history in the arts and theatre, with a number of well-known artists and acts having visited the area over the years. The town centre also hosts a bustling high street with a great selection of cuisine available for all tastes.

Combining all of the above you can really see why Chesterfield is fast becoming one of the East Midland’s most sought after areas to live.

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