Stay Secure While On Holiday

Stay Secure While On Holiday

Whether you are packing your bags for a luxurious trip abroad or you are staying close to home this summer, keeping our properties safe from potential intruders while we’re away will always be at the forefront of our minds before setting off.

With schools up and down the country either finished or finishing for the holidays and families eager to get away for their relaxing summer break, we have compiled a list of top tips to secure your home before you make that all important getaway.

- With the excitement and expectation of going on holiday, a lot of people fall victim to posting about their adventures on social media. In most cases most of our accounts will be private but you never know who is reading and letting people know that your house is going to be empty is never the best option.

- Ensure that you tell a trusted member of your family or a friend that you are going away and provide them with a spare key for any emergencies.

- Before you leave make sure that all windows and doors are secure and locked. An open window will be an open invitation to intruders.

- Ensure your alarm system is working. We all rely on our security system and knowing that it is fully operational will set our minds at ease. For extra reassurance some companies can link your system to your mobile phone which will then let you know if your alarm has been triggered. It is also advised to test your fire alarms also.

- Turn off any electronic equipment excluding various items that need to be powered constantly i.e your fridge and freezer. This will save you money while you are away and reduce the risk of a fault or fire. An extra security tip is to purchase timers, these can be set to turn lamps off and on throughout the day to make it seem like someone is home.

- Hide away any mobile technology such as ipods, ipads and laptops that you may be leaving behind. This also applies to spare keys and wallets. Find a safe place that you will remember and keep them out of sight of any passers-by.

- Tidy away your garden tools. Any spades, shovels and other gardening equipment should be tidied and locked away in your garden shed or garage. Leaving these out can provide a handy help for any intruders. Also ensure that any valuables such as bikes are stored away and that you lock your garden gate on departure.

All Miller homes are fitted with double glazed PVCU windows as standard as well as a multi-point door locking system to the front and rear doors. Smoke and carbon monoxide detectors are fitted with battery back-up. We also offer additional extras including an intruder alarm.

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