Creating Neutral Decor for Children Sharing a Room

Creating Neutral Decor for Children Sharing a Room

In the latest installment of our interior design tips from leading Yorkshire-based interior designer, Jeanette Holmes, we bring you her tips on creating neutral décor for children sharing a room.

“Not all kids are fortunate enough to have their own separate bedrooms, though many kids really don’t mind sharing I’m sure.  Try and cater for their own individual styles and needs, particularly if there is an age gap.

“Twin matching beds or bunks are a great space saving idea, and allowing the older child to be on the top bunk will give them a little bit of privacy.

“Make sure the room is shared equally by having separate toy box storage and if possible separate wardrobes and drawers.  These could have their names on and can be personalised to suit each child.

“It would be unrealistic to expect both children to have identical interests, so starting with a colour scheme that they can agree on between them is a good starting point.  I don’t necessarily think there is any hard fast rule on choosing a neutral scheme - they will inevitably be of the same sex and hopefully the age gap won’t be too large. 

“Having their own separate areas with pin boards for cuttings and pictures/photos allows each child to develop their own personality without expecting both to want the same things.

“For older kids sharing, why not consider desks and/or (space permitting) a chill-out area with big bean bags and a TV.  Again, try and ensure plenty of storage to keep their each of their stuff separate and encourage a greater sense of ownership.”

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